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Below are some of my latest videos of stadiums I’ve been to. Check out my YouTube Channel for the complete list.


NYCFC Match “Goal”

NYRB Game in September 2022

NYCFC Game in June 2022

Nationals Park

Nationals Park is the MLB home of the Washington Nationals baseball team. Check out the Nationals Park FoodNationals Park Parking, and the review of the ballpark to learn more.


Tropicana Field

Tropicana Field is the MLB home of the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team. Many people consider Tropicana Field as a dump, but I had a great experience. Parking near Tropicana Field can be challenging since the venue is not in Tampa, but the venue and atmosphere were worth the trip.


Progressive Field

Progressive Field is MLB home of the Cleveland Indians baseball team. The venue was one of the best stadiums I went to in 2019 without any doubt. The food at Progressive Field is great, and parking near Progressive Field is pretty straightforward as well.


Comerica Park

Comerica Park is the MLB home of the Detroit Tigers team. I was able to catch a game against my favorite baseball team, Tampa Bay Rays. Parking near Comerica Park is pretty simple, so you should check out that resource if you want tip.


Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is the new home of the New York Yankees baseball team. Out in the Bronx, New York, parking near Yankee Stadium can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead. Check out that link resource to find great deals on parking now.


Fenway Park

Fenway Park is the home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. Out in Boston, Massachusetts, Fenway Park is one of the most iconic buildings in the Boston area. Parking near Fenway Park can be challenging, so that link should help guide you on where to go.


Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is home to the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. The venue is best known for having a hotel in center field, and having a retractable roof which allows baseball to play everyday. Parking near Rogers Centre is straightforward, but you can visit that link for tips.


Miscellaneous Videos


Yankee Stadium Roll Call 2019

The Bleacher Creatures are a passionate group of fans at Yankee Stadium in section 203. At the start of each baseball games, you will see these fans stand up and cheer on each player for the Yankees until they acknowledged the fans. It’s been a tradition for years now, so it’s something that is only unique to Yankee Stadium. Plan to arrive early to a Yankees baseball game if you want to see the tradition live.


Yankee Stadium Roll Call 2018

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