Bleacher Creatures Roll Call at Yankee Stadium

Right FIeld View of the Bleachers at Yankee Stadium

The bleacher creatures are a rowdy and passionate group of Yankees fans that sit out in the right-field bleachers. They are famous for their roll call after the first pitch of a baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York City. What began in the early 1980s at the Old Yankee Stadium in section 39 has moved to the New Yankee Stadium in section 203.


The bleacher creatures are also notorious for terrorizing the opposing right fielder, and coming up with funny chants at games. No matter if it’s a game in April, a playoff game, or a World Series match up, the bleacher creatures will be ready.


Below is a video that illustrates the creatures in action for the roll call. If you are driving to the stadium for a game, I recommend checking out the Yankee Stadium parking guide so you won’t waste time looking for parking on game day. Parking can be difficult at the stadium, which is why many fans arrive late to the game and miss this action. Check out my review of Yankee Stadium if you want to see what the experience will be like for you.



What is the Roll Call?

The roll call begins with the fans sitting out in the right-field bleachers clapping their hands in anticipation of the first pitch. After the first pitch is thrown, Bald Vinny will stand up and yell “Yoooooo” and then the center fielder’s name. After Bald Vinny screams the name, the rest of the bleacher creatures chant for the center fielders name until he salutes them.


Once the center field salutes the crowd, the creatures go to left field and then right field chanting the player’s name. Once the outfield players give their salute, the chant goes around the diamond from first base, second base, shortstop, and third base. The roll call typically lasts between one and two minutes.


How Did the Roll Call Begin?

Back at the old Yankee Stadium in the ’90s, fans out in the bleachers began chanting for Tino Martinez who was at first base during the top of the first inning. Tino turned around and waved at the fans which started the tradition of recognizing each Yankee on the field. The only two players that are not part of the roll call on the field are the Yankees catcher and Yankees pitcher.


What Section Are the Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium?

The Bleacher Creatures sit in right field at section 203.


Yankee Fan Favorites with the Roll Call

One unique part of the home game roll call is that every player does something different to salute the creatures. Johnny Damon used to go down on one knee and point to the crowd. Brett Gardner would show off his muscles to the group when they would chant his name. Nick Swisher would turn around completely and do a firm salute back to the fans. Aaron Judge is the new team favorite as he plays out in the right field for the New York Yankees.


Opposing Teams Right Fielder

Bleachers Creatures out in right field at Yankee Stadium

The Bleacher Creature Yankee fans don’t do the roll call for the opposing team. You will find that the right fielder for the opposing team will be heckled the entire game from the fans. Red Sox and New York Mets right fielders usually get the worse treatment out of every MLB team, but fans can be creative for anyone playing in right field. The creatures also make sure to throw back any opposing team home run that his hit out to their section.


In this picture above, you will see the Yankees Bleacher Creatures under the Budweiser and Hess signs.


My Carl Everett Experience in 2003

At the old stadium in the Bronx, I was in the bleacher creature section looking at Carl Everett in right field. Carl Everett was playing for the Texas Rangers as their right outfielder , so he was an instant target for the Yankees fans. Part of the issue was that Carl Everett broke up a no-hitter by Mike Mussina playing for the Red Sox in the 9th inning, so Yankees fans did not like him already.


During the Major League Baseball game, you would hear chants about Everett that were getting on his nerves. Everett turned around during the match to mouth off to the fans which began to get the creatures more agitated. The two sides kept going back and forth, and Everett turned around again during a pitch to say something as a ball was hit to him. He was not ready to make the play and thus made an error.


Should Families Sit out in this Section?

My dad, brother, and I sat out with the bleacher creatures each summer from 2002-2008 at the Old Yankee Stadium. Those games were incredible due to all the chants, jeers, swearing, and so much more. So many characters like Bald Vinny, Ali Ramirez, Teena Lewis (the Queen), and more made it an experience.


If you are going with a family with young kids, you should stay away from this section. You will hear lots of swearing, chanting, and maybe even a few fights with opposing fans. Alcohol is in this section too, so be prepared..


Your Next Trip

The bleacher creatures are unique only to the ballpark in the Bronx. No other team has baseball fans like this, so it’s worth checking out when you visit Yankee Stadium. My advice is to get to the game get to to section 203 to be part of the roll call. The bleacher creatures encourage as many fans to join in with the chants, so have fun.

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