Comerica Park

Outside Comerica Park Detroit Tigers

When did Comerica Park Open?

Comerica Park (home of the Detroit Tigers) opened up on April 11, 2000, on a cold, snowy afternoon. The high for that day was 36 degrees, so fans had to brave the elements on that historic afternoon. The new park replaced Tiger Stadium and now has a location in the heart of Detroit.


Over the years, the Tigers have added more fan friendly sections within the ballpark to keep up with the new advancements in consumer needs. The venue was host to the MLB All Star Game in 2005 along with the World Series in 2006. Many new food and fan-friendly sections are now at the ball in 2019.


Here is my review of Comerica Park along with a vlog of my experience.



Where is Comerica Park Located?

The ballpark’s location is in downtown Detroit, Michigan in the United States. The official street address of the facility is 2100 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201. The park sits next to Ford Field which is home of the Detroit Lions who are an NFL team. Fans sitting anywhere in the upper deck will have a perfect view of downtown Detroit. Check out the Comerica Park Parking or Ford Field Parking if you need tips for either location.


Aerial view of Comerica Park

What Time Does Comerica Park Open?

Many fans want to know how early they can get to the Tiger’s Stadium for a baseball game. The answer is 90 minutes or so before the first pitch. Check out the Comerica Park Food guide before your next visit!


Can you Take Bags into Comerica Park?

Starting in 2019, the Detroit Tigers have changed their bag policy. The official rules state that purses and drawstring bags are allowed, but backpacks are not. If you plan to bring your backpack to the game, you should check it in at a local hotel and leave a tip.


What Team Plays at Comerica Park?

Upper Devk View of Comerica Park

The Detroit Tigers play at Comerica Park. The Tigers are an MLB team that is part of the American League Central Division. In their division, you have the Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins, and Cleveland Indians.


What are the Dimensions at Comerica Park?

Comerica Park Baseball Game

This stadium is a pitcher’s ballpark due to the difficulty of hitting home runs because of the outfield dimensions. The dimensions when initially opened in 2000 were much further from home plate, so the team has moved the fences in over the years. From left field to right field, you have the following dimensions in feet. 345 feet in left field, 370 feet in left center, 420 feet in center field, 365 in right field, and 330 feet in right.


What is the Capacity at Comerica Park?

Detroit Tigers Scorecard

Since 2000, Comerica Park has kept the seating capacity virtually the same. The seating capacity clocks in under 42,000 seats, but opens more with standing room only sections. The record crowd attendance at a game was 45,280 which came against the White Sox.


Similar Capacity Size Parks

Comerica Park is similar in seating size to a few different venues in the game. Citi Field capacity sits at the 42k mark. Citizens Bank Park capacity sits at over 42k people. Minute Maid Park capacity also falls into this seating range as well. Nationals Park Capacity sits out at 42k people as well. Coors Field capacity is slightly larger than Detroit as that arena holds around 46k people.


Detroit Tigers Tickets

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Getting Tigers game tickets to a game will not be hard. Fans can go to StubHub, Ticketmaster, Seat Geek, the Major League baseball’s website, and more to get Tiger tickets. Fans can also show up a few hours before game time to purchase tickets at the booth too. The average attendance in 2018 was 22,000, so fans should have no problem getting tickets for any game. When the Yankees or Red Sox visit, fans should consider using a secondary market to buy their tickets because those teams have a large out of market fan base. One reason for the smaller average capacity is how cold the games are in April. The average seating size does increase as the weather becomes warmer, so fans should consider that when booking their trip.


Nearby Ballparks

With the Tigers playing in Detroit, fans can travel 3 hours south to get to Progressive Field which is where the Cleveland Indians play. If you head north of Comerica park, you can get to Rogers Centre in about 5 hours.


What Bars are Near Comerica Park?

There are many bars around Comerica Park in downtown Detroit for fans to check out. If you are with a group of friends, your best bet is to get some drinks before the game since prices may be cheaper than inside the arena. Some of the best bars around Comerica Park include Elwood Bar and Grill, Corner Taproom, Tiger Club, State Bar and Grille, and Hockeytown Cafe.


Notable Features

Rays Warming up at Comerica Park

Fans entering the game will see a giant tiger statue that is about fifteen feet tall that hovers over you. Once entering the field, you will spot eight other tiger statues around the ballpark. After a player on the Tigers hits a home run during the game, the tiger’s eyes on the scoreboard will light up.


If you decide to take a moment away from the game, you should check out the left-center and center field. Out in left center, Tiger fans can view the statues of famous Tiger players. Ty Cobb, Ernie Harwell, and many others. You will also see a figure for Jackie Robinson who never played for the Tigers, but it’s a nice touch that the team built a statue for him. After spending time in left-center, you can move to right field to check out the merry-go-round. There is also a water show that happens out in center field. The beat of the music synchronous to the water, so it’s neat to check out if you are with your family and friends. There is also a Fly Ball Ferris Wheel out on the third base side of the stadium.


A favorite section for fans to sit at during the game is the Tiger Den section. This part of the stand’s circles behind third base, home plate, and first base a few rows up. Fans will have incredible views of the game along with the city skyline of downtown Detroit out in the distance. These seats are all padded and come with a table in front of them, so these are indeed the most sought-out seats in the ballpark. Twenty-three thousand seats are in the lower section of the stadium. That means that the majority of the seats are not in the upper deck so that fans will be closer to the field than other stadiums.