Nationals Park Parking

Last updated on October 19th, 2023 at 07:12 am

Nationals Park Parking

Nationals Park is the MLB ballpark home of the Washington Nationals baseball team. The location of the MLB stadium is at 1500 S Capitol ST SE, Washington, DC, 2003. Outside of hosting baseball games, Nationals Park also has concerts for fans to enjoy during the year.


Here is the guide to Nationals Park parking below.

How Much is Nationals Park Parking?

If you plan to park in the Nationals Park parking lots, you can expect to pay $45. Parking near Nationals park at garages B and C on Capitol Street are expensive at $45 a spot. Also, when the Nationals are in the playoffs, you can expect parking rates to increase.


If you are looking for cheaper parking options, consider using SpotHero above. Fans are able to secure their parking space about a half mile or so from the venue using that service. Basically, the further you are willing to park from the stadium the less you will pay.


Is there Handicap Parking at Nationals Park?

There are accessible parking options at Nationals Park for fans to use. If you are a season ticket holder, you can park in any lots around the venue with your handicap sticker. If you are a non season ticket holder, you can park at garages B and C for ADA parking. Fans will have to show a valid parking pass to park in these parking lots.


Finally, you can ask any parking attendant in the garages on where to park if there are any questions.


Is there Tailgating in the Parking Lots at Nationals Park?

is there tailgating at nationals park

There is no tailgating at Nationals Park for game days in the parking lots. However, you can find plenty of bars near the venue to visit before or after a game. Some of the best bars around the stadium include The Bullpen, Das Bullpen, Top of the Yard, and The Big Stick.


Check out the Nationals Park Food guide before entering the stadium to see what is on the menu! Also, be sure to visit the Nationals Park Bag Policy to see what bags you can bring into the venue.


Should I take Public Transportation to Nationals Park?

Many fans choose to take public transportation to Nationals Park to save money on parking.  The navy yard metro station is about a fifteen minute walk to the stadium, so that is the most popular public transportation option. You can also take the Baseball Boat or a bus to get to and from the stadium.


Finally, fans can also use Uber and Lyft to get to and from the baseball venue

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