About Me

My name is Greg Kristan, and I’m the owner of TM Blast and this website, The Stadium Reviews. TM Blast is a full-service Boston SEO Firm and PPC consulting agency out in Boston, Massachusetts. Outside of SEO and PPC consulting for my job, my favorite sport to watch is baseball. With the passion of watching sports, I began documenting each MLB venue I would visit in a website. In the picture below, I’m wearing the Yankees hat to a playoff game at Fenway Park.


Greg from the Stadium Reviews


My goal is to visit every MLB in the game today, and I’m happy to report I’m 50% of the way there. The original idea of this website was to review every MLB park, but I’m expanding to cover parking tips, information about ballparks, recording videos, food, and much more. The Stadium Reviews is one year old as of February 2020, but don’t expect the site to slow down content. I’ll be visiting T-Mobile Park this year to watch the Yankees and Mariners, so look for a review over the summer. Outside of a Mariners game, I plan to visit every MLB park over the years and review each stadium.


Mike and Greg Sitting at Rogers Centre


Finally, you can get in contact with me at greg@tmblast.com if you have questions. Feel free to reach out if you have affiliate opportunities as well!