The Stadium Reviews, LLC began in 2019 as a way to review every MLB ballpark. As of 2023, I’ve been to over half, so I still have a way to go. However, the website grew from a personal review of ballparks to something much bigger through my experience of visiting different places.


Below is what the website primarily covers.



I’m primarily a NYCFC (MLS) and New York Yankees fan. You can find my content under the opinions section of the website where I share my thoughts and rants. Below are videos of me explaining why I don’t like the MLS Playoffs and other things.



Stadium Bag Policies

The Stadium Reviews Bag Policy

Knowing what type of bag I can bring to a game is critical when traveling, especially when taking public transportation to the event. The bag policy section on this website covers the approved bags that can come into the stadium. I’ve dealt with issues at venues where I can’t bring in some bags, so now I only bring a clear fanny pack below 12″ x 12″ in size. Since I’ve dealt with this issue before, I know document every bag policy and give my recommendation on what to bring to games if I was going there.


Below is a video of me explaining my bag recommendation when going to a stadium. 


Visit the bag policy section on the website.



Stadium Concession Stands

Yankee Stadium Food

Getting food at a stadium is part of the experience of going to an event. More and more venues are updating their food to match the team’s style, the city they are in, and the change in consumer habits. The best food I’ve ever had at a stadium came when I visited Progressive Field in 2019. Since then, I’ve highlighted the different food and drinks you can get at stadiums to help shed light on this experience. The above picture was from a game at Yankee Stadium that I went to in 2023.


Visit the food section on the website.


Parking at Stadiums

Parking Tips

Parking at a stadium is part of the logistics of catching a game. While I try to take public transportation to an event, there are times when I can’t. To help, I’ve compiled a list of parking recommendations for different venues that fans may visit. Also, I partnered up with SpotHero through an affiliate program to promote unofficial parking spots near every venue for anyone who wants to save money on parking. I’ve been using SpotHero for awhile, so I always recommend it.


Here is a video of me showing how to book parking for an event!



Visit the parking section on the website.



Reviews of MLB Ballparks

Reviews were what originally started this website. Each venue that I visit has a particular checklist that I use to evaluate each one. The checklist is designed not to favor a new ballpark over an old ballpark since one is new and one is not.


Visit the reviews section on the website.


Blogs Answering Questions

The last section on this website is about blogs answering people’s questions about sports. These blogs aim to help fans watching a game on TV or attending the event understand what is happening during the game.


The Stadium Reviews (Greg Kristan) Featured on Podcasts About the Website


  • I was a guest on the Sports Chasers Podcast on 11-2-2023 to talk about The Stadium Reviews and my experience at different ballparks. You can listen to the interview with this link below.



  • I was interviewed on the Sports Bytes Podcast by Chris Joseph on 10-13-2023 to talk about the website and more. You can listen to the 30-minute interview with this link below.




Last Stadium Visit

  • 11-04-2023: Bob Ford Field at Tom and Mary Casey Stadium for an Albany Danes college football game
  • 9-02-2023: Gillette Stadium for a New England Revolution MLS match
  • 6-10-2023: Yankee Stadium for a Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees game
  • 4-15-2023: Citi Field for a NYCFC match vs Nashville SC


Since I live in upstate New York, I have a 3-hour train ride to the city from Saratoga. I try and make it to New York City 4 times a year to visit friends, catch a game, and have a change of scenery. 


March Popular Blogs

The blogs on the website cover a wide range of sports. The blogs aim to help answer questions in a clear and concise format for people to understand.


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