The Stadium Reviews, LLC began in 2019 as a way to review every MLB ballpark. As of 2023, I’ve been to over half, so I still have a way to go. However, the website grew from a personal review of ballparks to something much bigger.


The information on this site comes from a collection of sources. The first source is from my direct experience visiting different venues and my sports knowledge. For example, I attended an MLS match at Gillette Stadium and documented the parking, food options, and bag policy of the venue since I was there. Regarding my knowledge of sports, some topics I’ve learned through experience, like playing pickleball, learning the game’s rules, and blogging about it. Anytime I can share my expertise and experience in my content, I will.


If I don’t have first-hand experience with a topic, I try to vet that information through friends and family. For instance, if a friend is going to a venue I have not been to before, I will ask them to send photos of the concourse highlighting the food options so I can provide the best and most up-to-date information on that topic. For any other topics I don’t have friends and family help me with, I review what people post on social media, Reddit, and other sources to help combine different data points into one location.


Last Stadium Visit

  • 9-02-2023: Gillette Stadium for a New England Revolution MLS match
  • 6-10-2023: Yankee Stadium for a Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees game
  • 4-15-2023: Citi Field for a NYCFC match vs Nashville SC


Since I live in upstate New York, I have a 3-hour train ride to the city from Saratoga. I try and make it to New York City 4 times a year to visit friends, catch a game, and have a change of scenery. 


September Popular Blogs

The blogs on the website cover a wide range of sports. The blogs aim to help answer questions in a clear and concise format for people to understand.