Baseball Stadium Reviews and Guide

The primary purpose of this website is reviewing each MLB park I visit. After visiting fifteen ballparks now, I’m officially at the halfway point. If you are looking. If you are looking for my reviews of each park, you can visit that link.


Future Parks I’m Visiting in 2020

T-Mobile Park out in Seattle will be my next new park in 2020. In addition to Seattle, I’m hoping to visit Kansas City, Cleveland, and St. Louis as well in 2020. Finally, my goal is to visit San Francisco as my last stadium out of the fifteen that I have left.


Do I Have a Favorite Team?

I’m originally from New York, so I grew up a Yankees fan. Over the years, I’m becoming a Rays fan, and enjoy watching them play when I travel to different parks. With the Rays not being a fan favorite team, I find great ticket deals whenever they visit Boston.


Outside of baseball teams, I’m a casual sports fan. Living in Boston, I’ll root for the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, and Boston Celtics. Finally, I enjoy going to bars to watch big games on TV.



Within the website, you will find plenty of resources to enjoy. Popular resources include the Oldest MLB Stadiums and the Oldest NFL stadiums. These two guides update each year, so be sure to check them out to see who is on the list. In addition to listing out the current stadiums, you can also find documentation on past MLB parks. Head on over to the past ballparks section to find old stadiums no longer in use. Finally, you can check out the video section to see VLOGs of different parks I’ve been to.


Parking Pages

In addition to baseball reviews, you can find parking information for every major sports team on this website. Each parking page has parking rates, when gates open, tailgating rules, and so much more. Finally, you’ll be able to reserve a parking space before driving to the venue, so take advantage of it!


Baseball Parking Pages