The Stadium Reviews, LLC began in 2019 as a way to review every MLB ballpark. As of 2023, I’ve been to over half, so I still have a way to go. However, the website grew from a personal review of ballparks to something much bigger.


In 2020, I expanded the content on the website to cover things like parking options and food choices at various venues. In addition, I began covering topics around many different sports to help answer questions that people might have.


As of 2023, I blog about numerous sports topics, like baseball, football, hockey, soccer, volleyball, and more. Along with that, I’m currently building out the bag policy section for every major sports venue in the United States and Canada.


Last Stadium Visit


  • 4-15-2023: Citi Field for a NYCFC match vs Nashville SC


Since I live in upstate New York, I have a 3-hour train ride to the city from Saratoga. I try and make it to New York City 4 times a year to visit friends, catch a game, and have a change of scenery. 


As a Business

as a business


In 2021, The Stadium Reviews officially became an LLC business. The business’s address is 229 Washington Street, Suite 306, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866. Outside of becoming a business, the website continues to operate the same as before, intending to answer people’s questions about sports topics, parking tips, and food choices at venues.


To help keep the reading experience free for my audience on this site, I have ads that help generate revenue. This website partners with Mediavine to deliver high-quality and relevant ads for your visit. Along with Mediavine, The Stadium Reviews LLC works with SpotHero to show up-to-date parking deals on many stadiums.


About Greg

about greg

Greg Kristan is the owner of The Stadium Reviews, LLC. In addition to running the sports website daily, Greg runs his SEO consulting firm, TM Blast LLC. Greg is also building out Plant Legend, a new website about caring for plants and flowers.


Outside of work, Greg enjoys running, cycling, hanging out with his friends, tossing a frisbee around, watching TV, watching sports live, and playing video games. He lives with his wife and their Shiba Inu in Saratoga Springs, New York.


Do I Have a Favorite Team?

Does Greg Kristan have a favorite team


I’m originally from New York and grew up as a Yankees fan. However, while I like baseball, I’m becoming more of an MLS fan. The MLS team that I like to root for and follow is NYCFC. In 2022, I attended three different MLS games, including the playoff game for NYCFC at Citi Field. IN 2023, I’ve already been to one NYCFC match, and will be at another later this year.


I’m a casual fan of the NBA, NHL, and NFL. That means I’m always down to go to a game, but I don’t follow a team or sport as closely as I do with baseball or soccer. However, if I had to choose teams for those sports, I would root for Boston.


Do I have a Favorite Sport?

Do I have a Favorite Sport

The sport that I care about the most is baseball. My first baseball game came at the Old Yankee Stadium in 1994. I was only four then, but I remember sitting on the third-base side with my dad, his dad, and my uncle. As the years went by, I went to more baseball games at Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park since I lived in Boston for six years, which is why baseball means so much to me.


Outside of MLB, soccer is my next favorite sport. I support NYCFC but watch the rest of the MLS league and games. In addition to that, I watch EPL and La Liga games. However, I don’t have a team I actively root for in the EPL or La Liga league.


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