What is a Draw in Golf?

What is a Draw in Golf

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A draw shot in golf is where the ball starts off the right of the player’s target line and curves back slightly to the left to be directly in line with the original target. This right-to-left direction is the description for a right-handed golfer; the golf ball will take the opposite approach for a left-handed golfer. Mastering the draw shot can make golfers more versatile on the course since that can help them maneuver obstacles like trees to have the ball land where they want.


So, what is the benefit of a draw in golf? How do you hit a draw with a driver and irons? What is the difference between a draw and a slice in golf? Is it better to hit a draw or a fade? Why is a draw so hard to hit for golfers? Do most pro golfers hit a draw?


Here is a breakdown of what is a draw in golf.


What is the Benefit of a Draw in Golf?

What is the Benefit of a Draw in Golf

The major benefit to hitting a draw shot is the distance it can add to your shots. When you hit a draw, you reduce the loft on the golf club head, leading to lower ball spin rates. With a lower spin rate, the ball will travel further for you.


A lower loft on your shots and a closed clubface at impact will also cause a lower ball flight. This type of shot allows you to cut through any wind and land near your target, increasing your distance.


How Do you Hit a Draw in Golf with a Driver?

How Do you Hit a Draw in Golf with a Driver

You need a closed clubface to hit a draw on your tee shot with your driver. At address, a closed clubface is one where the line of the face of the club is pointing towards the left of the target line (for right-handed golfers) or to the right of the target line (for left-handed golfers.)


With an inside-out plane, your golf swing needs to take a specific swing path to hit a draw. This path means when you swing, you should aim between one and two o’clock on a clock face for right-handed golfers and follow through with your club path as usual. This aim via the swing will cause the ball to have the desired shot shape of starting to the right and curving back into the fairway.


If you are a left-handed golfer, you will take the opposite approach. That means you would aim between ten and eleven o’clock on an imaginary clock face.


How Do You Hit a Draw with Irons?

How Do You Hit a Draw with Irons

Irons are shorter than the driver, making them easier to control as your backswing is not as long. When you swing an iron, your backswing is more upright, and your downswing is more vertical, resulting in you driving down into the ball so that the club’s loft does the work to get the ball off the ground.


On the other hand, the typical driver swing has a more horizontal takeaway and a slight upward angle, which launches the ball off the tee for maximum carry and distance.


Either way, the idea is to swing with an inside-out swing, aiming to the right of your target with a natural follow-through, resulting in a spin that will cause the ball to start to the right and curve back toward the middle of the fairway or green.


What is a Draw vs. a Slice in Golf?

What is a Draw vs. a Slice in Golf

A draw golf results in a flight path where the golf ball arcs from right to left (for a right-handed golfer.) This flight path is the preferred shape shot, especially for professional golfers, since it can add distance to their shot.


A slice is when the flight path has an exaggerated arc from left to right and is one of the most common problems among amateur golfers. A golf slice is an extreme version of a fade.


Is it Better to Hit a Draw or Fade?

Is it Better to Hit a Draw or Fade

A fade shot is the exact opposite of a draw shot. That means the ball will curve from left to right for a right-handed golfer. If you were a lefty golfer, it would go in the opposite direction.


Most beginners and amateur golfers will tend to hit a fade or a slice, resulting from the most natural swing you can take. This natural swing usually ends up with an open clubface with a club face angle pointing away from the center of the target.


In general, however, a draw is the preferred shot for golfers. It tends to produce a rolling, forward spin on the ball, while a fade often has a side spin that eliminates some distance and affects accuracy. There are instances, however, where a fade is the better shot. This case for fade shots is usually on holes that are doglegs from left to right, where a fade would fly along with the natural control of the hole.


Why is a Draw so Hard to Hit?

Why is a Draw so Hard to Hit

You must close your clubface and swing in an inside-out path to hit a draw. These are two challenging things for amateur golfers to do, as most players hit the ball with an outside-in path with an open clubface.


It takes significant practice (and probably a lesson or two) to hit a draw. Over 85% of golfers are estimated to have a natural fade or slice, meaning they must overcome their natural swing to learn how to hit a draw.


Do Most Pro Golfers Hit a Draw?

Do Most Pro Golfers Hit a Draw

The majority of professional golfers on the PGA Tour hit a draw. It is mainly a matter of personal preference, as many professional golfers hit their tee shots so far that they are not worried about the additional distance a draw provides. Some may prefer a fade that lets them control their accuracy better, especially if obstacles are in the way.


Regarding the short part of their golf game – generally shots inside 100 yards or when they are chipping – drawing or fading a golf shot makes little difference to a pro golfer. The ball is either in the air for a short time or has a lower trajectory that is not impacted by the type of shot being hit.


Conclusion: What is a Draw in Golf?

In summary, a draw shot in golf is where the ball starts off the right of the player’s target line and curves back slightly left to be directly in line with the original target. It is a shot that tends to add distance off the tee and is preferable when playing in windy conditions. A draw is the preferred shot of professional golfers but is the hardest for amateur golfers to master.


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