What is a Scramble in Golf?

What is a Scramble in Golf

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A golf scramble is a tournament style in which a team of golfers starts on a hole together, and each team member tees off. The team then chooses the best shot, and each team member hits their second stroke from that spot. The pattern continues until someone putts the golf ball in the hole.


So, what is a golf scramble vs. the best ball format? Who should hit first in a golf scramble format? Do you drop the ball or place the ball in this format? Do golfers need to have a handicap to play a scramble format? What is the two-putt rule in a golf scramble?


Here is a complete breakdown of what is a golf scramble and more.


What is a Golf Scramble vs. Best Ball?

What is a Golf Scramble vs. Best Ball

Each team member tees off from the tee box in a golf scramble. The team (or team captains) pick the best shot from the drive to use for the next shot. The other players then move their golf balls to their picked spot to hit their next stroke. Golf play continues this way until someone putts in the ball.


The golf Best Ball format is different from scramble as each player on the team plays their ball and counts their individual score through the hole. At the end of the hole, when playing the Best Ball format, the team compares scores and takes their team score as the player’s score, ending with the lowest score on the hole.


Who Should Hit First in a Golf Scramble?

Who Should Hit First in a Golf Scramble

There is no rule in a scramble format that specifics which player in the foursome must take their first tee shot first, but most of the time, teams will let the weakest player from the tee go first, followed by the player with the longest drive and then the most consistent players after.


When putting, it is best to have the second-best putter go first. The second-best putter going first helps everyone read the breaking patterns. The best putter should go last, as it gives them plenty of time to analyze everyone’s putt for their own.


Do you Drop or Place the Ball in Golf Scramble?

Do you Drop or Place the Ball in Golf Scramble

When playing in a scramble tournament, balls can be placed within one club length of the ball the team has picked to play from. This placement must be no closer to the hole and cannot go in another grass cut. This placement means that you can’t place your ball in the fairway when the original lie is barely on the ruff.


In most scramble tournaments, even the player whose ball is chosen to take the next shot from is allowed to improve their lie by one club length (or a scorecard length, depending on the tournament).


Do You Need a Handicap for Scrambles?

Do You Need a Handicap for Scrambles

Because of the team format in a scramble tournament, more often than not, there is no requirement for a handicap. The reason is to invite all skill levels to play in a friendly tournament. For instance, charity and corporate events use this format since it allows more players to participate in the game, which is the point of the event.


However, scramble tournaments with handicaps tend to be at private clubs for different member events. Since these are members of the private golf course, they tend to have a golf handicap already, so they use that.


What is the Two Putt Rule in a Golf Scramble?

What is the Two Putt Rule in a Golf Scramble

The two-putt rule in scramble tournaments is that if no one on the team can putt the ball into the hole by the second putt, all team members pick up their golf balls and take an extra stroke for the hole before they move on. A two-putt rule is an option for organizers to help speed up play.


What are the Rules of a Golf Scramble?

What are the Rules of a Golf Scramble

The golf tournaments organized in a scramble format can have different rules depending on the golf course and organizers, the tournament’s goal, and the teams’ size. Some of the more common rules regarding the scramble golf format are ball placement once the teams have picked which ball they will use for the next shot.


For example, some tournaments have the rule that for shots found off the green, the golf balls must be placed within a scorecard of the original ball, while others stick with the golf club length rule. When on the green, most tournaments use the putter head as the measurement for placing the rest of the team’s golf balls. Of course, with all of these, it is essential to note that the ball should not be placed nearer to the hole than the original ball.


Another rule that you might find in some scramble tournaments is the minimum drive rule. This rule ensures that the team chooses a drive a number of times from each player. This drive rule ensures that you only sometimes take the same player’s drive on every hole. Only some scramble format tournaments have this rule in place, but it is always best to check.


How Do You Win a Golf Scramble?

How Do You Win a Golf Scramble

Like other tournament formats, the team with the lowest score at the end of the round takes home the win. There are different strategies that teams will play with to ensure that they have the lowest round, such as the order in which the players hit.


Another strategy to help your team win the scramble is that the longest shot is not always the best shot. When picking which to play for your next shot, there is much to consider. Some things to consider are the lie conditions, the breaking of the green from each ball, and any hazards between the ball and the hole.


Conclusion: What is a Scramble in Golf?

A scramble in golf is a type of tournament with a team format, usually in charity events. The format works as a team, which allows players of different skill levels to play together. Teams can choose the best shot of the group to play the next stroke, which takes the pressure off players who are not as good as others.


Also, one nice thing about the format is that players don’t need a handicap. Since you are playing as a team, you only choose the best shot from the group. That means you don’t need to factor in different handicaps during the format to see which group wins the event.


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