What Golf Club to Use for Each Shot

What Golf Club to Use For Each Shot

The golf club you use for each shot will primarily depend on the distance to your target, so knowing how far you usually hit each club is the determining factor in which club you will use. Going to a driving range with distance markers and then hitting several golf balls with each club will give you an idea of how far you can expect to hit each club. There is usually a 10 to 15-yard difference from one club to the next.


So, which golf club should I use to tee off in a game? What golf club should I use for 100 yards? When should I use an iron vs. a wedge during a golf game? When should I use a putter? What are some deciding factors in deciding what club to hit? Finally, what four clubs do you tend to use the most when you play?


Here is the complete guide to what golf club you should use in a game!


Which Golf Club Should I Use to Tee Off?

Which Golf Club Should I Use to Tee Off

On longer holes (par four and par five holes), a driver is the usual club to use on tee shots for most golfers. A driver has the lowest lofted clubface and largest clubhead of any club, which provides a greater distance for the shot.


On shorter holes (par three holes), the club you choose for your tee shot will depend on the length of the hole and how far you hit each club. Very short par threes may require a pitching wedge or a sand wedge, while on longer par threes, you may need to hit a fairway wood or a long iron shot.


What Golf Club Should I Use for 100 yards?

What Golf Club Should I Use for 100 yards

For most golfers, a pitching wedge is the ideal golf club to use for a 100-yard shot. This is the average distance that most amateur golfers would hit that club. The pitching wedge – much like the lob wedge, the gap wedge, and the sand wedge – has a higher loft angle on the clubface, which allows the golfer to hit the ball with a very high ball flight, which is helpful for approach shots into the green.


When appropriately hit, this type of shot results in the golf ball landing softly on the green. It also ensures that the shot can fly over hazards and sand traps, as most golf courses surround the greens with obstacles that require a higher-loft shot to carry them to land on the green.


When Should I Use an Iron vs. a Wedge During a Golf Game?

When Should I Use an Iron vs. a Wedge During a Golf Game

Distance and obstacles play a role in using an iron or a wedge in a golf game. An average golfer can hit their pitching wedge about 100 yards. Anything longer than that would require an iron shot to get to the green.


If you are hitting a shot beyond 100 yards, you must determine which iron to hit based on the different club distances you usually achieve for each club and the distance from the green.


When Should I Use a Putter?

When Should I Use a Putter

Putters are usually used when on the green or just off the green. The area just off the green is called the fringe, and it is not unusual for golfers to use putters from there. Putters have a very flat club face, designed to roll the ball once you are on or near the green. The flat club face is in direct contrast with all other clubs, which have some degree of a loft angle on their clubface to get the golf ball airborne.


Golfers with a very high skill level may occasionally use their putter from the fairway or around the greenside. Using a putter from this distance occurs if there is a short distance to cover and no hazards or obstacles between the golfer and the green. It requires a precise swing speed, so only PGA pros, experienced golfers, and low handicappers are generally successful with this unique short-game shot.


What are Some Factors in Deciding What Golf Club to Use?

What are Some Factors in Deciding What Golf Club to Use

There are a variety of factors that go into deciding which golf club to use. The most important item in club selection is distance. Once you know how far away from the hole you are, you can select the club based on the average distance you hit it.


Another item to consider is whether you are in the fairway or the rough. If hit correctly, shots from the fairway go the approximate distance you would expect based on the average length you hit a ball. If you are hitting from the rough, however, there are other factors in play, all of which affect how far the ball will travel. Whether the rough is thick or thin, and whether the ball is sitting up or buried in the grass will significantly affect how far the shot will go.


Finally, the wind is also a significant factor when deciding which golf club to use. Based on whether the wind is at your back or in your face can have a significant impact on how far the golf ball travels. You will need to adjust your club selection accordingly based on the direction of the wind.


What Four Clubs Do You Tend to Use When Playing Golf?

The putter tends to be the most used club in the golf bag. A par score on any hole considers that a golfer should take two putts on every hole, meaning that on a golf course with a par of 72, 36 shots (or 50%) would be expected to be made with a putter!


The next most commonly used clubs are the driver, a wedge, and a seven iron. Many players today opt to use hybrid golf clubs, but not to the point where they have surpassed these four clubs as the most used.


Conclusion: What Golf Club to Use for Each Shot?

Deciding which club you use will mostly depend on the distance to your target. Knowing how far you usually hit each club, and comparing it to the distance you need to hit it, will be the most significant factor in your club selection. It generally comes down to what you are most comfortable with on the green.


Other factors come into play, such as whether the ball is in the fairway or the rough and whether or not there is a lot of wind. Yardage, however, remains the most important factor in your club selection.


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