Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove?

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove

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Golfers wear gloves on non-dominant hands while playing on the golf course. Unlike baseball players who wear batting gloves on both hands, golf pros tend only to use one.


So why do golfers only wear one glove during a match? Can golfers wear two gloves instead of one? What are rain golf gloves?


Here is the complete breakdown to why golfers wear one glove.


What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

what hand do you wear a golf glove on

When playing golf, your non-dominant hand is the one that directly grips the golf club. For example, a lefty golfer will use their right hand to grip the club while using their left hand (top hand) to lay on top of the right. For righty golfers, it is vice versa.


By directly holding the golf club, you want to have proper grip pressure on the driving range and fairway. To help give a good grip pressure, players wear one glove on their hand that directly grips the club. Each hand plays a critical role in a golf swing, but it all starts with a powerful grip.


Why are the Reasons Golfers Wear a Glove?

what are the reasons golfers wear a glove

Golfers wear gloves on their non-dominant hands for a few reasons:


  • Using a bare hand to grip the golf club can create blisters and callouses when you swing. Using a glove can reduce these blisters from forming in the first place.
  • Wearing a glove can keep your hand tightly gripped around your club even if you have sweaty hands.
  • Wearing a glove can protect you from non-favorable cold weather conditions. For example, wearing a glove during a cold game can keep your hands warm enough to golf.


Can Golfers Wear Two Gloves?

Golfers can wear two gloves while playing a round of golf if they choose. Some common reasons for wearing two gloves is if the weather conditions are cold and rainy. Two golf gloves can protect your bare hands from the elements, giving you a better feel when you swing.


What are Golf Rain Gloves?

what are golf rain gloves

Having a solid golf grip is critical when out on the green, and rain and winter gloves can be a great option to have in your golf bag. Rain gloves are designed for wet conditions and create a better feel and grip in your lead hand than a regular golf glove.


Why Do Pro Golfers Take Their Glove off After Every Shot?

Why Do Pro Golfers Take Their Glove off After Every Shot

Amateur and pro golfers take their gloves off their hands after a shot for a few reasons.


  • It might be due to superstition and ritual that they take it off after a shot and only put it back on to shoot again.
  • Taking the glove off helps your skin breathe, especially on hot and humid days, and allows the glove to air out.
  • Wearing a glove all day out on a sunny golf course can create bad-looking tan lines, so some players take it off for that reason.


Hand eczema is a common problem if you wear a glove all day on the golf course. Your hand might develop rashes and become itchy, so it is best to take your glove off after shots to prevent that problem. Due to the sweat that your hands may accumulate on a hot day, it is best to air out your hand and glove at times on the course.


What Shots Don’t Require Gloves?

what shots dont require gloves

Some golf shots don’t require gloves, like putts, pitches, and chips. For example, using a putter is more about the feel of the clubface hitting the golf ball, so some players choose not to wear a glove. They want to feel the precise pressure they put on the ball with their putter, so they use their bare hands to grip the putter.


For pitches and chips, it comes down to the feel for the golfer. Some choose not to wear a glove in these instances because power is not the goal of these shots. Precision is critical, so golfers might opt not to wear the glove for these shorter hits on the greenway.


Why Do Golfers Put their Glove in their Back Pocket?

why do golfers put their glove in their back pocket

After a shot, usually from the tee, golfers might start walking to their ball and put their gloves in their back pocket. The reason for putting the gloves in the back pocket is for convenience if they need them for their next shot. If you put the glove back into your bag, you might spend unnecessary time trying to find it for your next shot.


Why Do Some Golfers Not Wear a Glove?

Why Do Some Golfers Not Wear a Glove

Choosing to wear a golf glove comes down to personal preference. You should think of a glove as any other type of golf gear or equipment that can help your game. Like some baseball players don’t wear batting gloves because they have a better feel without them, golfers might choose the same. It all comes down to the club’s control hitting the ball with or without a glove, and what feels right.


Fred Couples is famous for not wearing a glove on the golf course. During his career, he won the Masters Tournament in 1992 and the Players Championship in 1984 and 1996. In addition to that, he won the Seniors Players Championship in 2012.


How to Properly Clean a Golf Glove

One way to clean a golf glove is to run cold water over your glove while you have it on your hand. While the water is running, you can use a towel to help rub off any sweat and dirt from the glove. One suggestion is to carry a water bottle and towel with your other golf equipment so you can quickly clean dirt and sweat off the glove.


If you bring the gloves home to clean, you can follow the steps above and place them in a bucket with cold water and dishwashing soap. After an hour or so of the glove soaking in the soapy water, you can take it out and let it dry.


Conclusion: Why Do Golfers Wear one Glove?

In summary, golfers choose to wear a glove to grip the golf club better when swinging. Not only can the glove give a player a better grip, but it can also reduce calluses. Next time you are watching the PGA tour or joining your friends on the golf course, look around to see how many people are wearing a glove!


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