What is Ready Golf?

What is Ready Golf

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Ready golf is when golfers hit their ball on the golf course, regardless of who is furthest from the hole. Ready golf differs from traditional golf when golfers wait for the golfer furthest from the hole to hit first before they can play their shot. The idea behind playing ready golf is to speed up the action on the course, especially if you have golfers behind your group prepared to play that hole.


So, what are the rules of ready golf? What is the difference between ready golf and honors golf? Why is it beneficial to play ready golf? What are some tips for playing ready golf? Are there any disadvantages of playing ready golf? Finally, when should you play ready golf?


Here is the complete guide to what ready golf is.


What are the Rules of Ready Golf?

What are the Rules of Ready Golf

The rules of ready golf stipulate that when a golfer is ready to hit a shot, they should do so. That mindset is true whether on the tee box, in the fairway, in the rough, or on the putting green. After the tee shot, all golfers should go to their golf balls as soon as possible and prepare to play their next shot.


While waiting to hit, players should consider their shot (based on yardage and weather conditions), select their golf club, take their practice swings, and be ready to go as soon as possible.


Once on the green, there is no specific order for who should putt first. When playing ready golf, if a player is on the putting green and is ready to putt, they should do so. This improves the pace of play and lets the group finish out and move to the next tee as soon as possible.


What is the Difference Between Ready Golf and Honors Golf?

What is the Difference Between Ready Golf and Honors Golf

When playing honors golf under the standard rules of golf, the player with the lowest score on the previous hole has the “honor” of teeing off first on the next hole. The player prepared to tee off may do so in ready golf.


There may be reasons why the player with honors needs to prepare to tee off (for example, they may be filling out the scorecard or may have to walk back to their cart before proceeding to the next tee.) A player may be penalized for playing out of turn in honors golf.


In ready golf, there is no specific order of play – whoever is ready to hit should do so – so there is no possibility of playing out of turn and, therefore, no penalty.


What is the Benefit of Playing Ready Golf?

What is the Benefit of Playing Ready Golf

Playing ready golf speeds up the round and makes it more fun. Whether you are playing stroke play or match play, moving from the fairway to the putting green to the next tee will improve the pace of play, making the round more enjoyable for everyone in the group. No one wants to stand around waiting to hit their next shot when they are ready!


What are Some Tips for Playing Ready Golf?

What are Some Tips for Playing Ready Golf

  • The first player on the tee box should tee off first. No need to worry about who has the honors in ready golf. The only exception is when another group is in the fairway before you. If there are shorter hitters in your foursome who can’t reach that group, they should go ahead and tee off. Longer hitters should wait until they are out of reach. However, you should give the other group as much time as they need to play the hole before someone in your group tees off.


  • Each golfer should think about their next shot as they approach it or while another foursome member is hitting. You can make your club selection or take practice swings, saving time over the round.


  • After the tee shot, locate your ball and hit your shot first before helping others look for their ball. More time is wasted during a round of golf looking for lost balls than for any other reason.


  • Putt as soon as you are ready to do so. Another member of your foursome may be raking the bunker after hitting out of the trap, so there is no need to wait.


  • Fill out your scorecard on the next tee, not while your group is on the putting green. There is probably another foursome in the fairway waiting for the putting green to be cleared.


Are There Any Disadvantages of Playing Ready Golf?

As long as all foursome members agree to play ready golf, there are no disadvantages. Golfers should be aware of where other group members are before hitting and notice that no one else in the foursome is taking their shot while you are ready to take yours.


However, there is no downside to playing ready golf and several significant advantages!


When Should You Play this Type of Golf?

You should play ready golf whenever possible. As ready golf becomes a more acceptable method of play, more golf clubs are encouraging this type of play. Plus, this is a great way to get new golfers into the game since people don’t need to watch them hit the ball if they are struggling to get it close to the green since everyone else is working on their shot.


Conclusion: What is Ready Golf?

In summary, ready golf is a casual way to play golf informally. Ready golf works great for players with different handicaps who need additional strokes to get the ball into the hole. The idea behind playing ready golf is that it speeds up the game’s action since you don’t need to wait for the player to hit their ball, which is furthest from the hall. Instead, everyone can play their ball, so you complete the hole faster.


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