What is a Driving Range in Golf?

what is a driving range in golf

A driving range is a big open field that golfers use to work on different golf shots. The yard markings on the fairway represent the distance from where you tee off, which helps golfers understand how far they are hitting the golf ball. Players can tee off their shots, chip shots, practice their short game, and work on their golf swing mechanics with a golf professional at the driving range.


Many golfers will use the driving range as a practice facility, whether beginners or professionals.


Here is the complete breakdown of a driving range in golf!


How Big is a Golf Driving Range?

How Big is a Golf Driving Range

A golf driving range should be at least 300 yards long. Those 300 yards are from the driving range’s teeing area and do not include the parking lot. You can find driving fields part of an actual golf course or as a stand-alone, which might have a miniature golf course for people to work on their putt game as well.


How Does the Golf Driving Range Work?

How Does the Golf Driving Range Work

Most driving ranges have an administration building to pick up range balls and golf clubs to use. However, you can bring your golf clubs to use, but you still need to buy a bucket of balls. Most ranges have three different bucket sizes of golf balls to use, with a range of 40-80 balls per bucket. Every place will have a different number of balls they give out, but generally, that is the breakdown.


After you get your balls and have your clubs, you need to walk to an area to tee off from at the range. You will see people already there doing just that, so you need to find an open place to use. Golf etiquette says you should look for a tee area at least one space away from someone else, if possible, to give them additional space. 


After that, you are ready to hit golf balls and have fun. You don’t pick up your golf balls after you hit them. A tractor picks up the balls as they go by, and it is protected from golf balls.


Are the Range Balls Different from Golf Balls?

Are the Range Balls Different from Golf Balls

All golfers should know that range balls are slightly more durable than real golf balls. Since these ranges balls are being hit hundreds of times per week by other golfers, these balls are made to last. The dimples on the balls will be less pronounced than actual golf balls, which will cause them to sometimes not travel as accurately in the air. You might also notice the balls won’t travel as far, but it is hard to say.


Are Range Balls Bad for my Golf Clubs?

Range balls won’t damage your golf clubs no matter how often you go to the driving range and hit with them. However, you should be careful about not swinging the golf clubs so often that you hurt yourself due to how hard you are swinging.


How Long is a Golf Driving Range Session?

How Long is a Golf Driving Range Session

A new golfer taking golf lessons at the driving range can expect to work for an hour hitting balls. The hour-long golf practice teaches you how to use different clubs and line up your shot more importantly.


If you go to the driving range by yourself, you should take between thirty seconds to two minutes to hit each golf ball. You don’t want to go to the golf driving range and hit the ball as fast as possible because this is a time for practice. Instead of trying to hit the ball far on each swing, you should pretend you are on an actual golf course and plan on where you want the ball to land.


How Often Should You Go?

Beginners should aim for two times a week at the driving range. Even if your skill level is slightly better than a beginner’s, you should still try and go two times a week before you take a round of golf with your friends. Getting familiar with your swing, especially after taking off due to the winter, is an excellent way to warm up your muscle memory back to play a game.


PGA players tend to use the driving range before and after games. Using the driving range is an excellent way to work with specific clubs and fix your swing if you have issues during a match.


What Clubs Should I Use at the Driving Range?

What Clubs Should I Use at the Driving Range

Most golfers use a driver to practice hitting the ball far down the fairway. In addition to using your driver, you should also practice your short game with wedges and irons. The best way to use your clubs is to work down to the lowest number.


If you can practice your swing on actual grass, you can focus on making a divot in the same spot with your club swings. Making a divot teaches you muscle memory and indicates that you hit the ball in the right area of the club.


How to Practice at the Driving Range?

How to Practice at the Driving Range

It is best to use the driving range as a place to practice your aim and distance. Don’t only think of the driving range as a place to launch a golf ball as far as you can. While that is a fun part of the driving range, the best golfers are there working on specific shots and are not interested in hitting the ball as far as they can.


For example, you will see markings on the fairway that you should be aiming towards when you swing. Think of these markings as to where the hole is on the fairway if you played a game. If you can shoot consistently with your wedge and iron to that spot, you will be in great shape for your next round of golf.


What was one of the First Driving Ranges?

In Pinehurst, North Carolina, Maniac Hill was one of the first driving ranges for golfers. This course opened up in 1913.


What is Top Golf?

What is Top Golf

Top Golf brings the fun of the driving range and ramps it up with lights and targets for players to aim and score for when they swing. While similar to a traditional driving range with markers, Top Golf is a game that friends can play against each other to see who can get the ball into the target greens. Both amateur and professionals can go to Top Golf to work on their accuracy and drive while enjoying the spectacle of the facility. Another benefit of going to Top Golf is that you can eat and drink while you play.


Conclusion: What is a Driving Range in Golf?

In summary, a driving range in golf lets players practice specific shots without worrying about picking up the balls. Using the driving range is an excellent way for beginners to work with a professional on their swing. Also, pros use the range to work on specific shots with their clubs. Regardless of your golf skill level, you will value going to the driving range.


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