What is a Handicap in Golf?

What is a Handicap in Golf

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A handicap in golf takes what a golfer records on average over ten games over (or under) the course’s par and creates a score. For example, on an 18-hole golf course that is a par 3, you can expect to shoot a 54, assuming you average a par on every hole. However, if you consistently are two strokes over the par for ten games, you will have a handicap of +2.


So, what is the point of having a handicap in golf? Why should golfers record their handicap score when playing? How do you go about calculating your golf handicap score? What tends to be a good handicap score for all levels of play?


Here is the complete guide to what a handicap is in golf.


What is the Point of Having a Handicap in Golf?

What is the Point of Having a Handicap in Golf

A handicap in golf benefits players of varying skills because it promotes competitive balance. For example, having a handicap system allows individuals with less or more experience to compete on equal terms by starting from one point behind (handicap up) or one point ahead (handicap down). It creates a level playing field when playing the same hole against fellow players with more or less experience in golf in charity events and other friendly tournaments.


There are already a plethora of handicapping systems in use across the globe, each with its own unique set of rules and regulations. Golf’s regulatory organizations, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and The R&A, along with the different existing handicapping authorities, came up with a new World Handicap System (WHS) in 2020 to address compatibility issues and translation problems.


This level playing field removes any possibility for players to feel inferior due to their lack of experience. Negative scoring, in which one player’s score is much greater than everyone else’s, can be mitigated by such a system. However, most professional golf tournaments do not make use of handicapping. Players with a handicap of zero are “scratch golfers,” whereas those with a handicap of about 18-hole scores are “bogey golfers.”


Why Should You Get a Golf Handicap?

Why Should You Get a Golf Handicap

Keeping track of your golfing performance with a handicap is a great way to evaluate your improvement. It’s a simple method to gauge how you stack up against other golfers of varying skill levels. It’s vital that everyone has pleasure in competing against one another in games, and a handicap helps achieve this by giving everyone a level playing field (regardless of skill level).


How To Calculate Your Golf Handicap?

How To Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Different factors are taken into account while determining a player’s handicap. The handicap, the slope rating, and the modified gross scores are all examples of these factors. The handicap index is another potential consideration.


For a handicap calculation, you’ll need to know your average score for each round. To begin, spread out a handful (the more, the better) of 18-hole rounds across various days to have adequate information. After that, collect the points from those five rounds and then divide by 45. (the total number of holes played). The resulting figure is the “Handicap Differential” of a player.


The Handicap Index’s calculation takes the Handicap Differential and multiplies it by .96. The resulting index will then go on a scorecard.


How Does a Handicap Work in a Golf Tournament?

How Does a Handicap Work in a Golf Tournament

A golf tournament handicap system allows players of different skill levels to compete on relatively equal terms. A golfer’s handicap reflects the number of strokes they can expect over par on an 18-hole course, allowing average scores from multiple courses and weather conditions to be accurately compared against each other.


For example, if two golfers both have a nine official handicap, then one with a score of 82 would beat another who scored 86 (on a three-stroke difference). Each tournament will determine how much it uses the player’s WHOLE or FRACTIONAL USGA Handicap system when calculating its net score.


What is a Good Handicap for Beginners?

What is a Good Handicap for Beginners

In most cases, a handicap between 10 and 14 is considered appropriate for beginners. It gives you a fair shot at winning while also allowing you to control the game’s tempo to suit your preferences. Your best bet as a beginner is to practice on par three courses that allow you to regularly test your driver, your irons, and your putters. While you can try more difficult par courses, par three is easier for new players to become more comfortable with golfing.


What is the Average Handicap Index for Men and Women Golfers?

What is the Average Handicap Index for Men and Women Golfers

In 2021, the Southern California Golf Association reported that the average Handicap Index for men was 14.2. The typical value for a woman’s Handicap Index is 27.50.


According to USGA, the average Handicap Index for male golfers is 14.2, while the average Handicap Index for female golfers is 27.5.


What Does +7 Handicap Mean?

A +7 handicap is a way to level the playing field between golfers of different skill levels to make for a more enjoyable and balanced round. Higher-handicapped players are given seven strokes off their score before calculating their final total. This allows the lowest handicap players to enjoy competing against each other without giving up too much of an advantage.


Low handicappers are more likely to play consistently inside their handicap range than high handicappers.


Conclusion: What is a Handicap in Golf?

In summary, a handicap in golf helps level the playing field between players playing the same hole. Since some players have more experience with golf, playing a par three course will be easier for them than somebody with less experience. By giving the player with less experience more strokes to complete a par three 18-hole course, you create a baseline for all players playing against their ability.


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