What is TOOTBLAN Baseball?

what is tootblan baseball

Last updated on October 25th, 2023 at 07:05 pm

TOOTBLAN is an acronym, which stands for Thrown Out on the Basepaths like a Nincompoop. The expression describes poor baseball baserunning where a player records an out via a non-force out play. Most of the time, TOOTBLAN takes place when a baserunner takes an extra base and doesn’t come close to being safe, but there other examples to know.


TOOTBLAN Examples in Major League Baseball

There are many examples of TOOTBLAN blunders that fans have seen when watching a game. Some include recording an out at home by a mile, while others make careless mistakes while running. Here are some of the most common examples of TOOTBLAN baseball below.


  • Recording an out at 2nd base when trying to stretch a single into a double
  • Recoding an out after trying to take the next base on a wild pitch
  • When you are trying to score from 2nd base on a single and then get thrown out easily at home
  • Getting thrown out at while trying to advance a base via a pickoff
  • Recording an out via a pickoff attempt


  • Forgetting how many outs they were and running straight on contact. Another example of forgetting how many outs there are is if you run off the field after an out because you think there are three outs.
  • When you incorrectly run the bases as a baserunner. An example of this is if you think someone caught the ball and you head back to your original base.
  • Getting out at a base with an open base via a fielder’s choice. For example, you are on 2nd base without nobody on at first and get thrown out the third base on a ground out.


  • As a baserunner, you can collect a TOOTBLAN if you create interference on a play.
  • Forgetting to touch a base as you are running the bases


What are Not Examples of TOOTBLAN?

what are not examples of tootblan

The main difference between TOOTBLAN and being out on a close play is subjective at times. If you are trying to score from 2nd base to home and get thrown out on a bang-bang play, that’s baseball. However, if you are thrown out by a mile and not remotely close to being a play, you fit the TOOTBLAN role.




TOOTBLAN is just one aspect of sabermetric baseball, but it becomes powerful when you apply that thinking to other areas of the game.


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