What is a Hat Trick in Soccer?

what is a hat trick in soccer

Last updated on November 8th, 2023 at 10:14 am

A hat trick in soccer occurs when a player scores three goals in a single game. You can score the three goals throughout the game, so they don’t need to be in consecutive order. 


Goals can occur during regular time, through a penalty kick, or even extra time. However, you don’t receive a hat trick during a penalty shootout.


How Rare is a Hat Trick in Soccer?

how rare is a hat trick in soccer

There is a 3.34% chance of seeing a hat trick during a soccer match. According to Statista, there are an average of 2.6 goals per game during the World Cup in Russia in 2018. With that being the case, soccer players will need to score more goals by themselves than what most games typically see.


What is a Perfect Hat Trick in Soccer?

what is a perfect hat trick in soccer

A perfect hat trick expands upon the traditional hat trick in soccer. It includes scoring a header goal, one with your left foot and one with your right foot. A perfect hat trick is one of the rarest accomplishments in football.


As of January 2022, there have only been 34 players to achieve this feat in the premier league. What becomes even rarer is that out of those 34 players, so have accomplished this more than once. Robbie Fowler has three, and Yakubu has two.


Who Has the Most Hat Tricks in Soccer History?

who has the most hat tricks in soccer history

Pelé holds the record for the most soccer hat tricks with 141.


According to goal.com, Cristiano Ronaldo has the most active hat tricks in soccer, with 58 as of January 2022. He also holds the most international hat tricks with ten as of January 2022.


In second place on the active hat trick list is Lionel Messi. According to Sportz Point, Lionel Messi has 55 hat tricks as of January 2022.


Why is it Called a Hat Trick in Soccer?

why is it called a hat trick in soccer

The term hat trick initially originates from cricket in 1858, when bowler H.H. Stephenson scored three wickets in consecutive deliveries in a game. The fans and his teammates were so impressed with what he did that they got him a new hat.


More sports began adopting this phrase during games as the years went by. For example, a hat trick is common in ice hockey, where a player scores three goals. Fans toss their hats, or other items, onto their home ice in honor of the accomplishment to keep with this tradition.


For soccer matches, they keep with the tradition of cricket and other sports by recognizing a hat trick accomplishment by a single player.


Is there an Award for a Hat Trick?

A soccer player gets the match ball at the end of a contest for getting a hat trick. Getting the soccer ball signifies what they did during the match. If more than one player also got a hat trick during the soccer game, they both would receive a match ball at the end of the game as a memento.


Is there a Double Hat Trick?

A double hat trick in soccer occurs when you score six goals in a single game. Getting six goals in a single match is so rare that it has only happened with four players. The soccer scorers to receive this next to impossible achievement are Andy Scott, Johnnie Mullington, Syd Carter, and Albert Valentine.


What is a Flawless Hat Trick in Soccer?

what is a flawless hat trick in soccer

A player who scores three goals without anyone else scoring and before the half ends receives the flawless hat trick.


Conclusion: What is a Hat Trick in Soccer?

In summary, a hat trick in soccer occurs when a player scores three goals in one game. Scoring three goals as a team is difficult, let alone a single-player achieving that goal. If players can achieve three goals in a match, they receive the ball as a memento.


The chances of a hat trick occurring are less than 4%. That means that if you are at a match and see it or accomplish it yourself, you are part of soccer history!


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