Why Do Soccer Fans Wear Scarves?

Why Do Soccer Fans Wear Scarves

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Soccer scarves are a popular way to illustrate what team you support. When you see thousands of football fans wearing or holding up scarves on game day, it makes for quite a scene and brings a sense of camaraderie with everyone.


In the early 1900s, fans in the United Kingdom would dress professionally in formal clothing when attending a soccer match. That meant fans were wearing dark coats, hats, pants, and shoes attending the game since jerseys were not part of the soccer look yet. For fans to let each other know who they were rooting for, they began wearing a scarf around their neck that had their colors on it.


Not only was wearing a color scarf a way to show team spirit, but it was also a way to keep warm during the game. Soccer supporters, especially during the colder months, would opt for the color scarf to stay warm in addition to rooting on their club.


The Evolution of Team Soccer Scarves

The Evolution of Team Soccer Scarves

Initially, scarves in the early days were hand-knitted by grandmothers for their family to wear during games, which became known as granny-scarves. These scarves traditionally had one or two colors, and sometimes the quality wasn’t the finest.


As football scarves began gaining popularity during matches, so did the mass-production of them by the Football Clubs. A club scarf meant having loyalty to your favorite team. Mass production began with increased demand for scarves, and their quality improved dramatically.


Soccer Scarves Today

Today, scarves have more emblems, club crests, and even fine artwork, highlighting the difference between early-day granny scarves. Fans can even purchase custom scarves, which can support the team entirely. In addition to supporting your club, half and half scarves began growing in popularity as well.


What is a Half and Half Scarf?

What is a Half and Half Scarf

Half and Half scarves have two different clubs on them. One popular half and half scarf are for that match-day event. You will find vendors outside the stadium selling these, which is especially popular for casual fans who don’t have a soccer team they root for but want a souvenir to have during the game.


Half and Half scarves are also popular for fans of two teams or countries. For example, someone might be living in Israel but was initially born in Scottland. A half and half scarf for both teams, in that case, makes a lot of sense since they are a fan of two different groups.


Not only are half and half scarves popular, especially for casual fans, but fans also get creative with half and half jerseys now. For example, you might see some fans wearing a jersey split between two clubs when their favorite player goes to a different team. These fans support their favorite player and rock a double jersey to do just that.


What is a Soccer Bar Scarf?

What is a Soccer Bar Scarf

A bar scarf is a scarf that has no logos on it, just the team’s color. Casual fans wear this scarf since the colors can be used for different games since there are no logos on it to distinguish your team. For example, a red scarf can belong to Arsenal or Manchester United, so both are acceptable for wearing at a game.


Do Fans Still Wear Soccer Scarves in the Summer?

The beauty of the soccer scarf is that you don’t need to wear it when the weather is too hot. Fans, instead, can hold up their scarves during games, which is just as effective in cheering on their team instead of wearing it around their neck when the weather is too warm.


Popular Premier League Teams Scarves

Popular Premier League Teams Scarves

Here are some of the more popular Premier League team scarves and their colors that you tend to see fans have.


  • Arsenal: Red and white with the team logo on it
  • Brentford: Red and White with the team logo on it
  • Chelsea: White and Blue with the team logo on it
  • Liverpool: Red and white with the team logo on it
  • Manchester City: Light blue with the team logo on it.
  • Manchester United: Black and Red with the team logo in it


Are Scarves Popular in Major League Soccer?

Are Scarves Popular in Major League Soccer

As soccer grows in popularity in the United States, so does the football scarf. With more teams entering MLS, fans want to continue the tradition of bearing their supporters’ group colors and logos when entering the stadium or bar to watch the game. Here is a breakdown of some of the MLS scarves that you will find today.


  • Atlanta FC: Maroon and black with the team logo on it
  • D.C. United: Red and Black with the team logo in it
  • L.A. Galaxy: Blue and yellow with the team logo on it
  • New England Revolution: Red, white, and blue with the team logo in it
  • New York Red Bulls: Red and black with the team logo in it
  • NYCFC: Light blue, dark blue, and orange with the team logo on it
  • Philadelphia Union: Dark blue, light blue, and gold with the team logo on it
  • Seattle Sounders FC: Lime green, black, and blue with the team logo on it


Conclusion: Why Do Soccer Fans Wear Scarves

In summary, soccer scarves began in the 1900s out in the United Kingdom as a way for fans to support their team. Fans would wear formal clothing to games during that time, so having a scarf would add a little color to their look without being too profound. Not only was the scarf an appropriate look for these fans during their time, but it was also a way to stay warm during cold matches.


Today, soccer scarves are more popular than ever. Custom scarves with logos, writing, players, and more are common when you go to a match. Another popular scarf is the half and half, which shows the matchup for that day, and is popular for casual fans to buy when looking for memorabilia of that game.


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