How Long is Halftime in Soccer?

How Long is Halftime in Soccer

Soccer matches don’t have any complete stop in action, except halftime. Halftime is the break between the first and second half of play between two teams. Halftime is a chance for players to rest up, coaches to analyze their team’s performance, and an opportunity for fans to stretch and get more food and drinks before the game resumes. Here is the complete breakdown of how long a halftime break is in a soccer game.


When Did Halftime Enter Football (Soccer) Games?

when did halftime enter football games

Before 1863 when the Laws of the Game became the official soccer rules, teams would have halftime to play a different set of competition rules in the second half. Since there were no official soccer rules, teams would play one half of the game with one batch of rules and the other with a different set. With that being the case, halftime would split the game out between both rule sets to clarify when the new rules would go into effect.


In 1863, the Laws of the Game became the official rules of all football leagues. Halftime would no longer split the game between two different sets of rules. The halftime intermission was now to separate the play, not the rules. To this day, soccer games continue to use halftime to split the game of play, not the rules.


What Laws of the Game Does Halftime Belong To?

what laws of the game does halftime belong to

Law 7 of The Laws of the Game states that there need to be two equal minute periods separated by an intermission that doesn’t exceed 15 minutes. You can check out the complete Law 7 The Duration of the Match guide from The FA.


How Long is a Professional Soccer Match?

how long is a professional soccer match

Professional men’s and women’s soccer matches are 90 minutes of official game time split between two 45-minute halves. However, that game time might be longer when stoppages are in play. Check out the how long is a soccer match guide for the full breakdown.


Does Halftime Automatically Start at the 45 Minute Mark?

does halftime automatically start at the 45 minute mark

Stoppage time (added time) gets counted to the end of a half, which will need to conclude before halftime. Added time includes the ball going out of bounds, a penalty kick, and a celebration after a goal. Other instances of added time include substitutions of players, injury time, and penalty time. There are no timeouts in a soccer game.


This additional time gets added to the end of each half, and then once that time concludes, halftime begins.


How long Does a Halftime Interval Last for in Professional Soccer Leagues?

How long Does a Halftime Interval Last for in Professional Soccer Leagues

Soccer halftime breaks between the first and second half of action last 15 minutes. The 15 minute half break is the same for MLS, CSL, and Premier League games. Once the referee signals halftime, there is a stoppage on the official game clock.


What Occurs During Halftime in a Soccer Game?

what occurs during halftime in a soccer game

Since soccer games (football games) don’t have any stoppage in action, players are running around the field constantly. With constantly running during the match, players use halftime to rest. In addition to rest, players can receive medical attention for minor cuts and bruises during a game.


Coaches use halftime to review the team’s performance during the first half and strategize for the second half. Managers and coaches will use this time to recap certain shots, defense schemes, where they got beat on the field, and more.


Finally, fans at the game or watching TV can use halftime to take their break. Fans can use the bathroom, get more food and drinks, and stretch and relax before the second half. The gap in action is essential for fans because soccer games have too much excitement that needs a break to recharge.


Do Teams Switch Sides in Soccer after the 15-Minute Break?

do teams switch sides in soccer after the 15 minute break

After the fifteen-minute halftime break, both soccer teams switch sides to resume action. In the first half, whatever team started with the ball will now play defense to start the second half. The team that did not kick-off to start the first half now begins with the ball. in the second


How Long is Halftime During Extra Time in Soccer?

If a game goes into overtime like during a World Cup Tournament, there will be two 15 minute halves. There is a five-minute halftime break between the two halves of extra time.


How Long is Halftime in FIFA / MLS Matches?

how long is halftime in mls matches

Under Law 7 of The Laws of the Game, halftime is fifteen minutes in FIFA and MLS games. If a game goes into a penalty shootout, then there is a short break to perform a coin toss and set up the penalty kicks to determine a winner of the game.


How Long is Halftime in the World Cup?

Under Law 7 of The Laws of the Game, the World Cup halftime will not exceed 15 minutes. Overtime will result in two 15 minute halves with a short five-minute break between the periods.


How Long is Halftime in College Soccer?

How Long is Halftime in College Soccer

Men’s and women’s college soccer games are two 45-minute halves. Like in professional soccer matches, a college soccer halftime is fifteen minutes.


How Long is Halftime in High School Soccer?

Men’s and women’s High School soccer games are two 40-minutes halves, which is less than professional soccer leagues. With that being the case, halftime is ten minutes during a high school soccer match. However, a reduction in time can occur if both teams agree to a shorter halftime break before the game begins.


How Long is Halftime in Youth Soccer Leagues?

Youth soccer leagues have much shorter playing time than high school and professional games. Most of the time, you will see either four 10 minute periods or two 20 minutes periods. Since this is a youth soccer league, halftime is more about resting the players than mandating a specific time for the break.


How Long is Halftime in Other Sports?

  • NFL halftime is around twelve minutes
  • NBA halftime does not exceed 15 minutes
  • NHL intermission is 18 minutes long


​Conclusion: How Long is Halftime in Soccer

In summary, halftime in soccer initially split out two different rules during a match. The first half would play the game of soccer with one set of rules, and the second half would use a different set. It was not until 1863 that the Laws of the Game made the rules standard.


Today, halftime is fifteen minutes long for professional soccer games. During halftime, teams use that break to rest players, treat minor injuries, and strategize for what they should do in the second half of action. Not only is halftime a chance for players to rest and strategize, but it is a time for fans to take a break and get food and drinks without missing any game action.


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