What is a Brace in Soccer?

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A brace in soccer (football) represents a single player scoring two goals during a match. Considering that the average soccer game has less than three goals, having a player score two of them alone is an achievement. If a player can get three goals in a game, they get a hat-trick.


So why is it even called a brace in soccer? Do the goals need to be back to back, and who has the most in their career? Here is the entire breakdown of what a brace is in soccer!


Why is it Called a Brace in Soccer?

why is it called a brace in soccer

The origin of the term “brace” goes back to Anglo-French Language. The phrase meant a pair of arms.


The term “brace” was also an Old English phrase for a pair of something. Hunters would commonly use that phrase about how many animals they got during their trip. For example, a brace of birds meant that the hunter got two birds that day. The term brace would also signify pheasants, rabbits, and other types of animals.


As the soccer (football) game grew in popularity, the brace joined the conversation for a soccer player “hunting” for two goals. Since hunters would commonly use that phrase to represent getting two of something, brace became a “hunt” to get a pair of goals in a game.


Do Both Goals Have to Occur Back-to-Back?

do both goals have to occur back to back for a brace

A soccer player doesn’t need two consecutive scores to record a brace of goals. As long as the soccer player scores two goals during a match, they will get this recognition.


For example, you can shoot the soccer ball into the net during the first ten seconds of the match and then record the second goal in the last ten seconds. Even if other players and teams score between those times, you still get that accomplishment.


What Are Some Ways to Score a Goal?

what are some ways to score a goal

There are numerous ways to score a goal in soccer. For example, a striker or midfielder can score with their right foot or left foot by kicking the ball into the net. The goalscorer can also perform a header, which means they use their head to knock the ball into the net to score. Finally, a soccer player can score directly from a corner kick, but getting that ball into the net from that angle is difficult.


Also, it is worth noting that a goalie can record a brace during a soccer game. Any player that is on the pitch can score goals during a match.


Does a Soccer Player get a Physical Medal for this Achievement?

Does a Soccer Player get a Physical Medal for this Achievement

There is no physical award for achieving a brace in soccer. However, just like other achievements on the field, the accomplishment gets added to a player’s stat line.


Can More than One Player get a Brace in a Game?

More than one player can earn a brace in a single game. There is no cap on how many players can score two goals during a match.


Can you Obtain a Brace During a Soccer Shootout?

Shootout goals don’t count towards a brace accomplishment. However, if a player scores a goal on a penalty shot during regular playing time, that will count towards their brace. Getting a brace accomplishment only occurs during standard match time.


Who Has the Most Number of Brace Accomplishments in History?

Who Has the Most Number of Brace Accomplishments in History

According to Sports Keeda, Cristiano Ronaldo has the most brace goals in history as of January 2022. Cristiano Ronaldo leads the pack with 38 brace goals. In second place is Lionel Messi with 34. Third place is Rober Lewandowski with 20.


Check out Sports Keeda to see the entire list of brace leaders in soccer.


What is it Called if You Score Three Goals in a Match?

what is it called if you score three goals in a match

You get the hat trick award if you score three goals during a soccer game. A hat trick occurs when three goals occur by a single player, and they don’t have to be consecutive. Like a brace accomplishment, a hat trick can only happen during regular playing time during a soccer game, not in a shootout in overtime.


What is it Called if You Score More than Four Goals or More in a Match?

If a single player scores four goals during a soccer match, they get a haul. Getting five goals is a glut, and achieving six is a double hat trick. If a player can achieve seven goals in a single match, they get a haul trick. Only a handful of players in the game’s history ever got seven or more goals in a single game.


How Many Goals Per Game Occur in MLS?

how many goals occur roughly per game in mls

Forbes shows that in 2021, there were 2.51 goals per game in Major League Soccer. The trend of scoring goals has been decreasing over the years for matches.


How Many Goals Per Game Occur in the Premier League?

How Many Goals Occur Roughly Per Game in the English Premier League

My Football Facts shows that an average English Premier soccer game yields 2.69 goals per game in 2020. The previous years before that have all been below three goals per game.


Why is a Brace Special in Soccer?

A brace is a noteworthy accomplishment in soccer due to the low-scoring games between teams. In MLS and the Premier League, games generally have less than three scores in total. For a player to score two goals during a game might be all of the scoring that occurs, which is why the feat is notable.


FIFA World Cup Brace Moments


Pele, in 1958, became the youngest player to score a brace in a World Cup match. He was only 17 for team Brazil, and the accomplishment was against France.


Toni Kroos had the fastest brace in the World Cup in 2014. Toni scored two goals in less than a minute and ten seconds as a player against Brazil.


Conclusion: What is a Brace in Soccer?

In summary, the word brace is a soccer term when a player scores two goals in a single match. Since MLS and the Premier League games, on average, have less than three goals per match, having a player get two goals themselves is an accomplishment. As of January 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record for most brace accomplishments.


Next time you hear fans in the stands talking about a brace, you will know that they are talking about the notable accomplishment for that player.


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