Why Do Football Players Wear Tape on Their Arms?

why do football players wear tape on their arms

Last updated on November 3rd, 2023 at 09:04 am

The specific tape of arm tape is called kinesiology tapes, and they are relatively common to find both in-store and online stores like Amazon. The material of the tape is adhesives and mesh, which creates a firm grip on the arm. There are plenty of brands that offer Arm Tape to buy, including Nike, Kinesio Tape, and HARUTO. The way you put on this tape is similar to using a band-aid, where you apply it to the back of your arm.


Why Do Football Players Wear Turf Tape?

There are a few reasons why High School and NFL players wear turf tape on their arms. One reason for wearing this tape is to protect their arms from cuts and scrapes when hitting the ground. Since football fields all have different turf material, players want to reduce any turf burn on their arms when hitting the ground. Any way to reduce sports injury while not restricting the range of motion for a player is ideal.


Why Can’t Players Wear Sleeves Instead of Turf Tape?

Players can choose to wear sleeves instead of arm tape on their triceps, but some games are too hot for sleeves. For example, playing a game in Jacksonville in early September will be too warm to wear sleeves. That is where tape comes into play. The tape helps keep your body nice and cool without having to wear sleeves.


The Look is Cool

Like the NBA and MLB, NFL players like to customize their looks when playing on the field. Similar to how baseball player chains or tinted visors add a signature look to some players. The tape can give that to NFL players. Adding armbands, athletic tape, pads, and more to your look can give you some extra swag (placebo effect) when playing on the field.


Helps You Stand Out from the Crowd

While the look of taping up your arms could be cool, you will see most American Football players don’t wear this tape. To stand out from the crowd, you can wear tape and quickly be recognized from the stands. Whether you are an NFL, NCAA, or High School player, you can be easily seen when wearing this tape on the back of your arms.


What Football Players Wear Tape?

The most recognizable NFL players to wear the white tape on the back of their arms during games is Alvin Kamara. Alvin Kamara is the running back on the New Orleans Saints, and he plays football in the Superdome. The Superdome is an indoor stadium out in New Orleans, so hitting the ground when being tackled can create turf burn and abrasions. Alvin Kamara wears white tape on his arms’ back to reduce any sports injury via cuts and bruises.


What Positions Wear Football Tape?

Any football position player can wear football tape on the back of their arms. Typically speaking, you will see running backs, wide receivers, and linebackers wear this tape. Quarterbacks generally prefer wearing sleeves instead of this tape just in case the motion of throwing peels off the tape during the game, however.


Conclusion about Taping the Arms

The two primary reasons football players tape their arms are reducing turf burn and looking cool. Combining the two can be a win-win for players, creating a placebo effect, knowing you are safe and look stylish in the process. When watching your next football game, see if you can see other players who are wearing this material on their arms.


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