What are Sticky Football Gloves?

Sticky Football Gloves

Why do some NFL players wear sticky football gloves during games? What are some of the best brands that offer sticky gloves to football players of all ages? Why don’t all players wear these gloves when playing the game? Here are the answers to these questions below!


When Did Sticky Football Gloves Begin?

when did sticky football gloves begin

According to the NY Times, the sticky glove was developed by a Canadian Wide Receiver in 1999. The stickiness was 20% sticker than a human hand, which would change the game of football. As the years have gone by, you have seen more players opting for gloves during football games.


Better Grip

The emergence of sticky football gloves in 1999 gives players a better grip of the ball on game day. For Wide Receivers and Tight Ends, especially, having a grip that can catch more passes from a quarterback is critical. Especially during game day, when the weather conditions make it difficult to catch a football, you want to have something with more grip than your hand.


Cold + Rainy Weather Protection

cold and rainy weather protection

Some football locations like Lambeau Field, the “Frozen Tundra,” are brutally cold for playoff games. For quarterbacks trying to grip the ball during a cold game will be difficult, so many opt to use a glove. The glove gives extra protection to the quarterback as they get the ball and when they fall to the ground after being hit. Any way to protect your hands in the hard elements is critical for any QB.


In addition to cold games, rainy games make it difficult to keep a grip on the football. Wearing a sticky glove can help give the player a better grip when holding onto the ball and catching it. The sticky behavior of a glove can give a football player that extra advantage when on the field.


The Look

Football uniforms continue adding more signature looks for their players to wear on the field. From custom football cleats, tinted visors, wrist straps, and more, sticky football gloves can add to the attire. For example, when put together, Seattle Seahawks gloves make the logo for the team, so that becomes attractive for many players to wear.


Position Players Who Use Gloves

There are plenty of football players who choose to wear gloves when playing the game. NFL and NCAA players from all positions can wear gloves, but you will commonly find them on Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Lineman, and more. Some of the most recognizable players to wear gloves include Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Odell Beckham JR, and more.


What Glove Did Odell Beckham Jr Wear to Make that One-Handed Catch?

In January 2015, Odell Beckham JR instantly became known for his famous one-hand catch for a touchdown. Not only was the rookie outstanding during the entire season, but he also made an incredible one-handed catch with defensive pass interference. The moment he made that spectacular catch, everyone wanted to know what gloves he wore. When he made that catch, he was wearing an XXL Nike Vapor Jet 3.0 Glove.


Best Football Gloves to Buy

best football gloves to buy

If you are looking to buy the best selling football gloves for High School, NCAA, or the NFL, Amazon has plenty to offer. You will find a wide range of sticky football receiver gloves, lineman football gloves, quarterback gloves, and more on Amazon. Some brands include Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Grip Boost Stealth Pro Elite, and more. The gloves have strong durability, sticky palms and sticky grips, breathability, and more, which will give you the perfect fit. In addition to the technology, you will find a large selection of youth football gloves up to many adult sizes.


How to Keep Football Gloves Sticky?

After playing a football game with your gloves on, you should properly take care of them, so they stay sticky. One way to keep football gloves sticky is to lay them out to dry and in the sun, if possible. Another tip to keep the gloves sticky is to have one for games and one for practice. By alternating your gloves throughout the season, you won’t wear them down as fast, which means they will keep their stickiness longer.


Can You Spit on Football Gloves?


When watching a football game on TV, you may see players spit on their gloves, which may seem strange. Spitting into your gloves is a way to create moisture on them, especially if they become dry. The tip is to spit on your gloves and wipe them on your pads to remove any extra moisture from them. Another suggestion is to use baby wipes on the sideline to pat down the gloves and create additional moisture.


How to Get the Bad Smell out of Football Gloves?

how to get the bad smell out of football gloves

Wearing football gloves during games and practices will create sweat, which will then smell bad. The best way to get the bad smell out of football gloves is to hand-wash the gloves with a bit of soap in your sink. Three are some other methods to consider, like using denture cleaner while you hand-wash and using SportsGemz. The most important thing to do is to clean out the smelly gloves as soon as you can so bacteria won’t cake on the gloves and make it harder to clean in the future.


How to Clean Dirty Football Gloves?

When cleaning your football gloves, you need to make sure if they are machine-washable or not. Please don’t throw the gloves into the washer unless it specifically states that you can. Remember that excessive washing can add additional wear and tear to your gloves, so try and wash them sparingly. If you are looking for a less wear and tear method to clean your gloves and keep their tackiness, you should opt for hand washing instead of machine washing.


What is Not Allowed to Make Your Hands More Sticky

When considering getting sticky gloves for youth football, you should check the official rules to see what is and is not allowed. For instance, some leagues ban the use of pine tar, stickum, and ultrastick from service. When in doubt, you should only use gloves and not any foreign materials or substances.


Why Do Some Players Not Wear Gloves?

why do some players not wear gloves

When it comes to throwing a football, players want to make sure it feels comfortable each time. For some players, they like the feeling of having a glove on as they throw the football. For other players, they want to put the glove on their non-throwing hand. Whatever the preference is, players like to mix and match, keeping their bare hand for throwing a football, while others prefer a glove.


Conclusion on Sticky Football Gloves

Sticky Football Gloves are increasingly more and more popular for football players to use during games. From Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, and more, you will see plenty of players wear them. There are plenty of advantages that the gloves give via grip, but they also keep your hands warm during a cold playoff game in December. Whatever the reason is to wear them, you will indeed look stylish.


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