Why is Lambeau Field Called the Frozen Tundra?

Why is Lambeau Field Called the Frozen Tundra

Last updated on November 3rd, 2023 at 09:01 am

Lambeau Field is home to the NFL team, Green Back Packers. The location of the Pro Football venue is out in Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States, and is known as the Frozen Tundra to many. Being out in Wisconsin, cold weather games are standard for the home team. Four of the coldest NFL games have taken place out in Packers Stadium. Learn why the football venue has the name “Frozen Tundra” and more with the content below!


The Famous Ice Bowl Game

The coldest National Football League game came in 1967 at Lambeau Field. The game (Ice Bowl) was against the Dallas Cowboys, and the temperature was -13 degrees. On top of the cold temperature, you had a wind chill of -48 degrees, and the turf heating system was not working.


During the game, the refs were unable to blow into the whistles due to the extreme frigid air. Some Packers fans at the match required medical attention due to the extreme coldness. Luckily for the Packers Fans, Quarterback Bart Starr won the game with a touchdown and went on to Super bowl 2.


Other Cold Games at Lambeau Field

Outside the Ice Bowl in 1967, there have been plenty of other cold games at the football venue. One interesting fact is that four of the coldest NFL games have taken place at the Packers Stadium. Here is the breakdown for some of the coldest games on game day with their temperature.


  • Jan 20, 2008, vs. New York Giants (NFC Championship Game). The temperature was -1 degrees
  • Dec 26, 1993, vs. LA Raiders. The game-day temperature was 0 degrees
  • Dec 10, 1972, at Minnesota Vikings. The temperature was 0 degrees
  • Dec 22, 1990, vs. Detroit Lions. The game-day temperature was two degrees
  • Jan 12, 1997, vs. Carolina Panthers (NFC Championship Game) was three degrees
  • Dec 7, 2008, vs. Houston Texans. The game was three degrees
  • Jan 5, 2014, vs. the San Francisco 49ers was five degrees
  • Nov 28, 1976, vs. the Chicago Bears was six degrees
  • Dec 20, 1992, vs. the Los Angeles Rams was 8 degrees
  • Dec 3, 1972, vs. the Atlanta Falcons was nine degrees


How Do NFL Players Keep Warm on the Field?

Playing any football game in the cold is difficult, but there are some ways that players can try and keep warm on the field. Many players put heat packs in their pockets, hand-warmer muffs, helmets, uniforms, gloves, and more. You will find plenty of heat packs on the sidelines for games for players to pick up to try and stay warm during the game. In addition to the heat packs, you will find sideline heaters blasting hot air onto the players to keep warm. Finally, NFL players layer up for cold games by wearing face masks and sleeves to stay as warm as they can be on the field.



The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field is the oldest NFL stadium in the game today, so it is unique already. Throughout the venue’s history, there have been many unforgettable players, coaches, and games at the site. Some exciting games that Packers Fans continue to discuss are the cold-weather games, as the weather elements usually affect the opposing payers due to their unfamiliarity with harsh weather conditions.

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