Guaranteed Rate Field Review

Getting to the Game (4 out of 5)

Guaranteed Rate Field has a convenient location on the southside of Chicago, so it’s easy to get to the facility. Fans can take the train to the game where the stop is a short walk over the road to the stadium. Fans can also drive, take a bus, or a rideshare platform to get to the venue. Plenty of parking options are available for fans to take advantage of when commuting to the stadium, so getting to the game is excellent.


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The Neighborhood (2 out of 5)

The location of the White Sox Stadium is on the south side of Chicago. There is a stark difference between going to Wrigley and going to the White Sox Home. Where Wrigley has plenty of bars, balls flying over the stands during batting practice, and more, the White Sox Stadium feels like a stadium in a parking lot next to a major highway. Check out my Wrigley Field review to see the difference between the two venues.


The Stadium (2 out of 5)

Guaranteed Rate Field Behind Home Plate

I went to the facility in 2012, so I’ve read that the White Sox have made many improvements since then. In 2012 though, my brother and I were stuck in the upper deck and could not move down during the game. The Stadium was built right before Oriole Park, so the stadium felt outdated while being new. Again, I have not been to the venue since 2012 and hear things are better, but my review is from 2012 and remember feeling like the stadium was below average.


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Food (2 of out 5)

My time at the venue wasn’t memorable with the food selections. I got a standard hot dog and beer for the game, but the variety of choices felt basic. 2019 seems to have better food choices at the park, but I remember feeling the food choices were nothing that would stand out from any other facility.


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The Atmosphere (2 out of 5)

White Sox Stadium in the Upper Deck

My primary issue with the facility was the lack of fans at the game. The game I was at with the White Sox had less than 10k fans present, but the issue dealt with being stuck in the upper deck. Back in 2012, ushers would not allow you to move down from the upper deck at all. It was awkward being in the upper deck in the sixth inning and seeing plenty of open sections down below.


Repeat Value (2 out of 5)

I can’t recommend this park to anyone unless you want to go to every park. I’ve heard that things are different in 2019, but the upper deck situation was insane and something that stood with me as I left the game. One redeeming factor was that there was a fireworks display after the game for fans, so that was nice. Otherwise, I would say that this venue needs a major re haul, or a new stadium.


Final Score (2.33 out of 5)