Guaranteed Rate Field Food

Guaranteed Rate Field Food

Best Food at Guaranteed Rate Field

Guaranteed Rate Field is the home to the 2005 World Series Chicago White Sox Team out in Chicago, Illinois. Since opening up in 1991 on the south side of Chicago, the White Sox continue to make fan improvements to their stadium. The upgrades to the venue include more standing room sections throughout the site. Plus, the White Sox update their food menu yearly to give great food options for fans to enjoy during a game.


Here are some of the best food options at Guaranteed Rate Field for a baseball game!


Classic Guaranteed Rated Field Food Choices

Classic Guaranteed Rated Field Food Choices

  • Comiskey Dog: The standard hot dog with chopped onions, relish, salt, and more. You can also find buffalo chicken fries, Chicago-style deep dish pizzas, and Italian beef sandwiches all along the concourse 
  • The Goose Island Beer: Out in the right-field bleachers, fans can enjoy a craft beer while watching a White Sox game
  • Polish/Hot Dogs/Bratwursts: You will find countless concession stands selling these staple ballpark food items all across the stadium
  • Classic Cheesesteak: Fans looking for a cheesesteak sandwich can head to sections 125 and 534
  • Elote Corndog: The classic corndog with loads of toppings is at sections 140 and 544


New Food at Guaranteed Rate Field

New Food at Guaranteed Rate Field

  • Antique Taco: Soft served tacos with brisket meat, cilantro, lime, cheese, and more out in sections 109 and 137
  • Loaded French Fries: A deep dish of French fries with parmesan cheese and jalapenos served in a White Sox batting helmet
  • Nashville Hot Chicken: Out in section 544, fans can enjoy the hot chicken sandwich straight from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Buona: Serving up the Chicago classic Italian beef sandwich, drinks, and more
  • Polish Platter: Serving up kielbasas, potatoes, and pierogis out in sections 126 and 53
  • Bullpen Sports Bar in Right Field: Serving up cold beers for fans to enjoy during game day
  • Craft Kave: Out in the right field, fans can enjoy endless amounts of craft beer options to drink during game day
  • Froman’s Cheddar Pierogis: Chedder pierogis, onions, and more
  • Hot Honey Loaded Fries: French fries with hot honey BBQ sauce and more in sections 100 and 524


Classic Dessert Choices

Classic Dessert Choices

  • Boozy Hot Chocolate / Hot Apple Cider: A hot chocolate twist with a kick for adults to enjoy. The drink includes Jim Beam, Patron XO, and marshmallows out in sections 144 and 538. The Hot Apple Cider drink is similar to the Hot Chocolate drink, just missing the chocolate.
  • Desert Sweet Potato Fries: Sweet Potato fries with Nutella chocolate drizzle out in section 110
  • Rainbow Cone: Fans looking to stay cool on a hot summer day should head over to rainbow cone stand to get delicious ice cream at section 
  • Ice Cream Stands: One ice cream stand outside of Good Island in the outfield right field section serves root beer floats and soft-serve ice cream to enjoy


Can You Bring Your Food into Guaranteed Rate Field?

White Sox fans can bring food into the ballpark on game day. The food needs to be in a small, clear, plastic bag. In addition to that, fans can bring in one sealed plastic water bottle.


Check out the Guaranteed Rate Field Bag Policy page to see what bags can go into the stadium for a game.


Can You Smoke in the Facility?

Guaranteed Rate Field is a smoke-free area.


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Popular Matches Against the Chicago White Sox

popular matches against the chicago white sox

The Chicago White Sox are sometimes known as the second team in Chicago. However, when they are good, their fanbase can tell you otherwise as they come out and support their team for baseball games. The most popular matches against the White Sox in Chicago are when the Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, and New York Yankees visit.


Fans looking for cheaper tickets to a White Sox home game should go early in the year and during the weekday. Since it is cold in Chicago in April and May, ticket prices tend to be cheaper via third-party websites. To get the cheapest tickets on the weekdays, consider going to the ballpark when the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Guardians, Kansas City Royals, and Tampa Bay Rays visit.


How Many World Series Championships Have the Chicago White Sox Won?

How Many World Series Championships Have the Chicago White Sox Won

The Chicago White Sox have won the World Series three times in their franchise, and their most recent World Series victory took place in 2005 when they beat the Houston Astros. Before that, the White Sox won the World Series in 1917 and 1906.


What is the Average Gameday Attendance at Guaranteed Rate Field for a Baseball Game?

What is the Average Gameday Attendance at Guaranteed Rate Field for a Baseball Game

In 2023, the Chicago White Sox are in the bottom half of the league via attendance. They are averaging around 18k fans per game.


Guaranteed Rate Field has a seating capacity of 40,615.


Conclusion: Guaranteed Rate Field Food

In conclusion, Guaranteed Rate Field continues to offer new stadium improvements yearly to make the fan experience better. Not only has the venue gone through renovations to make it more modern, but the staff continues to bring in new food and drink options for fans to try each season.


Also, fans can check out the Guaranteed Rate Field parking tips before their next visit to see how to save money on parking!