PayPal Park Food

PayPal Park Food

Best Food at PayPal Park

PayPal Park (originally Avaya Stadium and Earthquakes Stadium) is home to the San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer team, winners of the MLS Cup in 2001 and 2003. The venue opened in 2015 at 1123 Coleman Ave, San Jose, California 95110. One interesting thing about the venue is how steep the seats are and how the seat color design plays homage to the NASL team, San Jose Earthquakes, from 1974-1988.


Outside of hosting soccer games, PayPal park has been the host of other sports matchups. Those matchups include Rugby, Lacross, and Ultimate Frisbee games.


Here is the complete food & beverage guide at PayPal Park.


Classic PayPal Park Food

Classic PayPal Park Food

  • Grilled Stand: Grilled chicken sandwiches, pulled pork bacon cheeseburgers, plant-based burgers, fries, soda, water, beer, and more out in section 113
  • Classic Snacks: Pretzels, peanuts, potato chips, soda, water, beer, and more can be found throughout the venue at many of the concession stands
  • Carvery Cart: Smoked turkey sandwiches and more out in section 119
  • Churwaffle Stand: Serving up signature hot dogs out in many of the concession stands throughout the concourse
  • Classic Pizza Stand: Serving up specialty pizzas, cheese, pepperoni, soda, water, beer, and more in section 120
  • BBQ Cart: Pulled pork sandwiches, brisket sandwiches, mac and cheese, and more out in section 116


New Food at the San Jose Earthquakes Stadium

New Food at the San Jose Earthquakes Stadium

Also, award-winning bay area food trucks are popular for fans to get food behind the big screen at the Epi-Center Fan Zone. However, that means some events you attend will have different food trucks than others since there is a rotation during the season.


You will find some food trucks when going to your next Quakes event.


  • Taco Mania: Offering up small tacos, burritos, nachos, soda, water, beer, and more.
  • BBQ Jalbi: BBQ tacos, BBQ burritos, KBBQ nachos, cheesesteaks, quesadillas, and more
  • Falafel Fresh: Falafel sandwiches, gyros, falafel salad, and more
  • Waffle Roost: Offering up the signature chicken and waffle dish. Fans can also get chicken, waffle bites, and crispy spiced cauliflower.
  • Akita Sushi: Homemade ready-to-go sushi dishes, poke bowls, and more
  • Grillzillas: Burgers, chicken patties, salads, buffalo ranch sandwiches, fries, beer, soda, and water.
  • Arteagas: Tacos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, nachos, soda, water, beer, and more
  • Just Mix It: Garlic cheese fries, curry fries, bibimbap, tofu bibimbap, and more.
  • Old Greenwood BBQ: Pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, beans, and more
  • Speedy Panini: Italian gourmet sandwiches including grandma’s lasagna, caprese, pollo, vegetariano, and more
  • Thai Thai: Signature Thai dishes, soda, water, beer, and more
  • I Love Cheesesteak: The Philly cheesesteak sandwich, soda, water, beer, and more.


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Waffle Roost Food Truck: Belgian-style waffles with a load of toppings to get on gameday. Some toppings include powdered sugar, caramel, sea salt, bacon with caramel, dark chocolate chips, whip cream, fresh fruit, and more.


Can Fans Bring Outside Food or Drinks Into PayPal Park?

According to the team’s official guest services and FAQ section, fans can bring outside food into the game. The rules state that fans can bring a clear plastic bag with small snacks inside and one clear unopened water bottle / empty water bottle per person. However, be aware that large food items, like sandwiches, can be turned away by the stadium staff members as you try and enter the venue.


Be sure to visit the complete outside food and drink guide for the team to learn more and ensure the rules stay the same before your next visit.


Also, check out the PayPal Park Bag Policy to see what you can bring into the venue.


Popular Bars and Restaurants Near the Venue

Numerous bars and restaurants are within walking distance of the soccer venue to check out before or after a game. Those places include In-N-Out Burger, Smoking Pig BBQ, and Chipotle. If you venture slightly outside the nearby areas to the arena, you can find even more options to check out before a game.


Also, visit the PayPal Park parking guide before your next visit. Visiting that link can give you tips on where to park for your next game or event at the arena.


Can You Smoke Inside the Arena?

According to the guest services section on the team’s website, no smoking is allowed inside the arena.


Popular Matches Against the San Jose Earthquakes

Popular Matches Against the San Jose Earthquakes

The biggest rival of the San Jose Earthquakes is the LA Galaxy. This matchup is known as the California Clásico. San Jose and LA Galaxy are from the 1996 inaugural season, so this matchup is so fierce between both clubs.


Outside of the LA Galaxy matchup, there are other games that ticket holders and other fans always look forward to each season. Those games include when LAFC, Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders, and Austin FC come to town.


What is the Max Seating Capacity?

The max seating capacity at PayPal Park for a soccer game is 18,000.