PayPal Park Bag Policy

PayPal Park Bag Policy

PayPal Park (Avaya Stadium) is home to the Major League Soccer team, San Jose Earthquakes, at 1123 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA 95110. The bag policy for a San Jose Earthquakes soccer match allows clear bags that don’t exceed 14″ x 14″ 6″ to enter the facility. Mini purses and backpacks must also be clear to enter the facility for a soccer match and stay within the size limit.


Here is the PayPal Park Bag Policy guide for your next San Jose Earthquakes match.


How Does the San Jose Earthquakes Staff Review Your Bag?

How Does the San Jose Earthquakes Staff Review Your Bag

Fans coming out to see a San Jose Earthquakes game must go through a metal detector check before scanning their tickets to enter the stadium. Fans with a bag will line up in the bag check line, which does take longer to get through than fans without a bag. The bag check by the stadium staff consists of reviewing the bag to ensure it is clear, does not exceed the size limit, and does not contain any prohibited items inside it. If there are no issues with the bag, you can bring it into the venue.


Consider purchasing a single-compartment clear bag for your next San Jose Earthquakes match! PayPal Park, along with more and more MLS venues, has a clear bag policy check in place for the season. Be sure to bring a clear bag to PayPal Park if you want a bag with you at the game.


  • A clear one-gallon freezer bag
  • Any clear single-compartment bag that does not exceed 14″ x 14″ 6″
  • Medical bags/diaper bags (Exceptions can be made if a guest needs to bring in something that does not precisely follow the clear bag guidelines for medical reasons. However, to be safe, consider bringing a clear bag so there are no issues at the gate since the bag policy at PayPal Park only wants clear bags to enter the venue for security purposes)


What Items Can’t You Bring into PayPal Park for an Event?

What Items Can't You Bring into PayPal Park for an Event

Before making your way to the San Jose Earthquakes stadium, read the official prohibited items list from the team. If you try bringing prohibited items into the stadium, you will be turned away at the gate until you get rid of them. Here are some of the things that can’t come into PayPal Park.


  • Weapons of any kind
  • Umbrellas
  • Selfie sticks
  • Glass bottles
  • Seat covers
  • Animals not for ADA-purposes
  • Laser pointers
  • Bags that exceed 14″ x 14″ 6″
  • Alcohol


What Happens Next If You Can’t Bring Your Bag into the Stadium?

If your bag can’t enter PayPal Park, you must bring it back to your car and leave it there. From there, you must get back in line to go through another security check before entering the stadium for the game.


If you took public transportation to the game, like a rideshare program, and can’t bring your bag, you can see if a nearby hotel can watch your stuff. The Element San Jose Airport sits directly beside the stadium, so you can try your luck there. Most hotels generally charge a small fee to hold onto bags if they have the space in their storage closet.


Parking and Food Information for a San Jose Earthquakes Match

Parking and Food Information for a San Jose Earthquakes Match

Multiple parking lots surround the stadium that open up a few hours before kickoff. Parking rates vary in price depending on how far you are willing to walk, but most will be around $25. Visit the PayPal Park Parking guide for more details.


Fans can bring outside food into the stadium as long as it is for individual consumption. The outside food can go into a clear ziplock bag, and fans can bring one unopened water bottle into the stadium. As a note, the stadium security will inspect these items at the gate. They can turn away any outside food options from enter the facility.


Here is the complete PayPal Park Food guide to see what you can get at the venue. As a note, the food changes each season at the venue. Therefore, some of items you see on this list might be different than your experience.