San Jose Earthquakes Tickets

San Jose Earthquakes Tickets

The San Jose Earthquakes are a Major League Soccer team playing at PayPal Park. PayPal Park (formerly Avaya Stadium) is at 1123 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA 95110. The soccer-specific stadium pays homage to their NASAL history via the different shades of blue via their seating arrangement in the facility.


Here is the complete breakdown of getting San Jose Earthquakes tickets and more for your next game!


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How Much Are San Jose Earthquakes Tickets?


The cheapest tickets, on average, go for about $40 for a San Jose Earthquakes game. Ticket prices increase to around $100 if you want to sit closer to the middle of the pitch and be in the first few rows.


However, certain games tend to increase the overall ticket price for the San Jose Earthquakes. Some of those games that result in higher ticket prices are when LAFC, Los Angeles Galaxy, Seattle Sounders FC, and Portland Timbers come to town. Those games are against Western Conference clubs, and they are all on the west coast, which goes with their natural sports rivalry.


Finally, when the San Jose Earthquakes are in the playoffs, you can expect ticket prices to increase.


Where is the Supporters’ Section at PayPal Park?

Where is the Supporters’ Section at PayPal Park

Both sides of the pitch have section seating options for supporters. Sections 116-119 on the south side are where the San Jose Ultras hang out. On the opposite side of the pitch is where the Seismic Union group is. Both supporters’ groups will be standing during the match, singing, clapping, and more to cheer on the team during a game.


Who are the Biggest Rivals of the San Jose Earthquakes?

Who are the Biggest Rivals of the San Jose Earthquakes

The biggest rivalry for the San Jose Earthquakes is against Los Angeles Galaxy. When these two squads face off against each other, it is known as NoCal vs. SoCal. The San Jose vs. LA rivalry is also across all other sports between these two cities.


Outside of LA Galaxy games, other opponents draw more fan interest than others. Those games are against Los Angeles Football Club, Seattle Sounders FC, Portland Timbers, Austin FC, and FC Dallas. These games are against Western Conference teams, which means these matchups have more on the line during the regular season.


What is the Average Capacity for a San Jose Earthquakes Game?

In 2023, the average home game attendance at PayPal Park for a game is under 19k. The under 19k average game attendance puts the SJ Earthquakes toward the bottom half of the league via attendance.


In 2022, the average home game attendance at PayPal Park was under 16k.


Is There Tailgating Before a Match?

There is tailgating before every home game in the parking lots a few hours before kickoff. Fans are there grilling, listening to music, and hanging out with their friends before a match. The team also sets up events for family-friendly things to do before a game with your kids.


Also, visit the PayPal Park Food Guide to see what food and drink options you can get at the stadium. Finally, visit the PayPal Park Bag Policy Guide to see what bags can enter the venue with fans.


Best Way to Get to the Game

The best way to get to PayPal Park is to drive. Parking lots open up three hours before kickoff. However, there tends to be some gridlock leaving the stadium after the game, especially when the venue is sold out during matches. Therefore, be prepared for that after a game. Visit the PayPal Park Parking guide for more information.


Fans can also use a rideshare program to get to and from the soccer stadium. The drop-off and pick-up area is on Aviation Avenue.