PayPal Park Parking

Last updated on October 19th, 2023 at 12:02 pm

PayPal Park Parking

PayPal Park (originally Earthquakes Stadium and Avaya Stadium) is home to the San Jose Earthquakes, which is part of Major League Soccer. The stadium, which sits at 1123 Coleman Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110, sports a few different shades of blue seats, which resemble the early days of NASL soccer in San Jose. 


Here is the guide to PayPal Park parking when venturing to the stadium for a soccer game or other event.


How Much is San Jose Earthquakes Parking for a Match?

How Much is San Jose Earthquakes Parking for a Match

The official parking lots at the stadium will vary in price depending on where you park. For instance, the Audi Lot, the closest parking lot to the venue, goes for $75 and is only for prepaid pass fans. If you end up at the PS4 or tailgate lot, you will spend $25 for parking. These parking areas will be about a 15-minute walk to the venue.


PayPal Park Handicap Parking

The official ADA parking lot is within the Audi Parking lot at the stadium. ADA parking at PayPal Park will cost $25 for Major League Soccer games.


In addition to handicap parking, fans can also take advantage of the pick-up and drop-off area between Wondo Way and Aviation Ave. If there are any questions on how the pick-up and drop-off area works at the stadium, you can ask the parking attendants working the match.


Is There Tailgating?

Tailgating occurs in the tailgating parking lot on Wondo Way, which happens before every soccer game. Parking lots open three hours before kickoff, so fans like to venture to this area to partake in the festivities. The tailgating parking lot, and every other, stays open for about an hour after every MLS game.


Outside of tailgating before the game, there aren’t many restaurants or bars nearby the stadium. The Smoking Pog BBQ Newhall is one restaurant that sits directly next to the venue.


Check out the PayPal Park food guide before coming to the venue to see what to get! Also, check out the PayPal Park Bag Policy to see what you can bring into the venue.


Can You Take Public Transporation to the Venue?

There are numerous ways that fans can use public transportation to get to the soccer venue for events and games. Some public transportation ways to get to the stadium include the BART, Caltrain, cycling, and rideshare programs.


For BART, fans can take that train to the Millbrae Transit Station. From there, fans can then take the Caltrain to the Santa Clara stop, which is about a mile walk to PayPal Park. Once you get off the Santa Clara stop, you will see the soccer stadium to the East.


For taking your bike to the stadium, fans can leave their bike in the designated bike area right in front of the stadium, which is between Earthquakes Way and Wondo Way. The cycle area sits above the ADA parking area. Finally, fans can use a rideshare program like Uber and Lyft to get to and from the venue.

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