What to Wear to a Hockey Game

What to Wear to a Hockey Game

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Dressing for a hockey game gives you numerous options to consider. If you are a big team fan, opt for a hockey jersey, a beanie, or a hat with the team’s logo. If you are a more casual fan attending the match, you can mix and match your outfit to support the team while keeping with your sense of style. Attending a hockey game will be cooler in temperature than watching a basketball game, so you can dress a bit warmer without the need for bundling up, as you might need during a freezing football game in December.


So, what are some ways to dress to show support for your favorite team or hockey player? What are some ways to dress on the road to support your team? What are ways to dress for the game if you don’t have a hockey jersey? How cold does it tend to be at an ice hockey venue? Should hockey fans bring a blanket to the game to stay warm? What should people not wear during a game?


Here is the complete breakdown of what to wear to a professional hockey game.


How to Dress to Show Support for Your Favorite Team

How to Dress to Show Support for Your Favorite Team

If you are a diehard fan of a hockey team, then wearing your jersey with a hoodie or long-sleeve shirt underneath is the most popular choice for fans to show support at the game. The hockey jersey is unique to the sport since it runs a bit big to allow fans to wear a sweatshirt or hoodie underneath to stay warm at the game without the need to wear a coat.


Along with wearing the jersey, pairing it with a beanie or hat with the team logo is a great fit. Some fans like wearing a scarf with the team’s logo since it keeps them warm and helps support the team.


How to Dress to Show Support for Your Favorite When They are on the Road

How to Dress to Show Support for Your Favorite When They are on the Road

If you are on the road as a fan attending their game, you have two options for your hockey game outfit. You can wear your favorite ice hockey jersey to support the team on the road or subtly wear team colors. The former is the most obvious way to show team spirit, but you can expect certain fans to boo and taunt you since you are a visiting fan. The latter might be the better choice if you want to wear comfortable clothes and give a subtle nod to your team without having a direct target on your back.


Also, be aware of the visiting matchup you plan to attend. For example, wearing New York Rangers attire, like a jersey and beanie, at a Boston Bruins game will stand out immediately in the crowd. The Bruins’ colors are yellow and black, and the Rangers are red, white, and blue, so wearing that jersey will stand out entirely in the sea of black and yellow clothing. Rival matchups like New York vs. Boston will always have more intensity than games against hockey teams that aren’t rivals.


What to Wear if You Don’t Have a Hockey Jersey?

What to Wear if You Don't Have a Hockey Jersey

If you don’t have a team jersey to wear to the game, you can mix and match your outfit to support the team. For example, the New York Rangers’ colors are red, white, and blue, so you can wear something that has those colors. If you want to show your team spirit in this example, wear a long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt and leggings that go with the team’s colors. You could also wear a baseball cap with the team’s colors if you don’t have a beanie.


How to Dress for an NHL Hockey Game If You Are Not a Fan

How to Dress for an NHL Hockey Game If You Are Not a Fan

If you are attending a hockey game as a casual spectator, there are a few options to consider. First, a light jacket is a better approach than a heavy jacket. While the arena is a bit cooler inside than for a basketball game, you want to stay on the cooler side and not overheat. Wearing too many layers will make you uncomfortable at the match.


Second, consider wearing pants (jeans or sweatpants) and wool socks if you get cold quickly. You also want to ensure you wear closed-toe shoes since you don’t want your feet to get cold.


Finally, consider wearing clothing you are comfortable with getting dirty. Sometimes, beer might land on you when everyone gets up to celebrate a goal, so wear something that is ok if it gets dirty during the ice hockey game. Chances are you won’t get anything spilled on you, but it is best to prepare for that, just in case.


Is it Cold Inside a Hockey Arena?

Is it Cold Inside a Hockey Arena

Minor League Hockey and National Hockey League arenas will be cooler than you would find during a basketball game. According to Silver Skate Festival and additional sources, the average temperature at a hockey game is between 60- and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the arena needs to keep the rink on the cooler side, attending a hockey game will be slightly cooler but not freezing.


Also, the temperature tends to be colder closer to the rink. If you get cold quickly, consider sitting up higher in the stands.


Should I Bring a Blanket to a Hockey Game?

Bringing a blanket to a hockey game is an excellent idea to help you stay warm. A blanket with the team logo or colors is a great idea to show your support. However, be aware that the blanket can get dirty, especially if dragging on the floor, so you should wash it when you get home.


What Should People Not Wear to a Hockey Game?

What Should People Not Wear to a Hockey Game

There isn’t a specific dress code you need to adhere to, like playing golf when attending a hockey game. Still, it would be best if you didn’t wear a dress or flip-flops to the game since the ice rink will cool, which means the arena’s atmosphere will be on the cooler side. You don’t want to be at the game cold since games take a few hours to complete.


Another tip is that you don’t want to wear clothing you don’t want to get dirty. While rare, there are instances where someone might accidentally spill something on you during a game. For example, after a goal, fans might get up and high-five each other, and some beer might spill from their drink and land on you.


Conclusion: What to Wear to a Hockey Game?

In summary, it is best to dress warm yet comfortably when attending a hockey game. You don’t need to overdress for a game because you will overheat, so you want to balance staying comfortable at a game without being cold. Usually, a combination of a jersey over a hoodie with jeans or sweatpants is generally perfectly acceptable.


If you don’t have a jersey and want to show your support for the team, consider wearing clothing with the team colors. For example, if the home team’s colors are black and yellow, consider wearing one or both colors to the game.


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