Prudential Center Food

Prudential Center Food

Best Food at Prudential Center Food

Prudential Center is home to the New Jersey Devils NHL team and Seton Hall University Men’s basketball team. The venue opened in 2007 at 25 Lafayette St, Newark, NJ 07102. If you are curious, the venue is about ten miles from MetLife Stadium, where the New York Giants and Jets play football and about 15 miles from New York City.


Outside of hosting hockey and basketball games, the venue hosts many concerts, events, shows, performances, and more throughout the year.


Here is the Prudential Center food guide before heading to the stadium for a game or event!


Classic Prudential Center Food

Classic Prudential Center Food

  • The Chicken Coop: Chicken strips, fries, soda, water, brews, and more in sections 16, 101, and 111
  • Kosher: Serving up hot dogs with a wide range of flavors out in sections 5, 16, and 123
  • The Boardwalk: The “taste of the New Jersey Shore” offers cheesesteak sandwiches, Fish n’ Chips, chicken tenders, fries, corn dogs, fries, and more in section 126
  • Corner Market: Fans looking for sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more can head to sections 19 and 101
  • Jersey Grind: Signature burgers with lettuce, pickles, onions, fries, and more out in sections 12 and 111


New Food at Prudential Center

New Food at Prudential Center

  • Bayonne Diner: Reuben sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, pretzels, fries, water, beer, and more out in section 1
  • Wine Bar: Fans looking to have wine during a game can head to section 4
  • Slider House Rules: Serving up sliders, veggie sliders, bacon cheeseburger sliders, with fries, water, beer, soda, and more out in section 130


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Auntie Annes: Hand-baked pretzels can be found throughout the concourse in sections 4, 16, 19, 108, and 126
  • The Boardwalk: Serving up classic desserts like deep-fried Oreos, fried dough, and funnel cakes in section 126


Can You Bring Outside Food into the Venue?

Fans can’t bring outside food to the venue for home games or other events. However, there are plenty of bars and restaurants near the stadium for fans to visit before a game. Those places include Redd’s Biergarten, Divino Tasting Room, Taj Lounge 973, and Novelty Burger & Bar.


Check out the Prudential Center parking guide to find parking on gameday. Also, be sure to visit the Prudential Center Bag Policy guide to see what bags can enter the venue with fans.


Can You Smoke Inside the Stadium?

There is no smoking allowed inside the hockey stadium.


Popular Matches Against the New Jersey Devils

Popular Matches Against the New Jersey Devils

The Devils are one of the more popular teams in the NHL. Consider going to a Devils game when the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Boston Bruins, or Florida Panthers visit. Other popular games against the Devils are when the Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, and Washington Capitals come to town.


Also, when the Devils are in the playoffs, you can expect the Pru rocking.


Popular Matches Against Seton Hall University

Catching a Seton Hall University basketball game is always a treat. The big games against Seton Hall are when St. John’s University, UConn, and Villanova come to town.


What is the Seating Capacity at the Venue?

The seating capacity at the venue for a hockey game is 16,514. For a college basketball game, the stadium can hold 18,711. Finally, for all other special events, concerts, performances, shows, and more, the stadium can have closer to 20k.