PNC Park Food

pnc park food

Best Food at PNC Park

PNC Park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates MLB team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since 2001, PNC Park has been known as one of the best MLB ballparks today. The stadium sits on the Allegheny River with fantastic views of downtown Pittsburgh. The stadium is impressive in its looks, and the food selection is some of the best for baseball fans to enjoy.


Here are some of the best food options at the stadium.


Classic PNC Park Food Choices

classic pnc park food choices

  • Classic Meals: Hot dogs, French Fries, kielbasa, peanuts, pretzels, and more in countless concession stands around the venue
  • BRGR: Gourmet burgers for fans to enjoy out in section 115
  • Deli Dogs: Classic hot dogs, Reuben sandwiches, and more out in section 135
  • Nachoritas: Nachos with loads of toppings out in esction 137
  • Pop’s Plaza Food Court: In section 129, you will find a vast array of food options like burgers, gyros, sushi, and more.
  • Allegheny Beverage: Serving up general beer, peanuts, water, and more out in section 137
  • Diamond Pizza: Get authentic Italian pizza slices to include cheese, meat, veggie, and more


New Food at PNC Park

new food at pnc park

  • Chickie’s and Pete: Serving up seasoned fries to easily enjoy with friends or have by yourself!
  • Primanti Brothers: Get local deli sandwiches out in section 110. 
  • Cannonball Burger: Burgers, BBQ waffle fries, and more out in section 145
  • Manny’s BBQ: Named after former Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Manny Sanguillen, fans can get delicious BBQ, coleslaw, and maybe even an autograph from him.
  • Federal Street Grille Stand: Chicken sandwich, loaded fries, nachos, tacos, peanuts, and more in sections 136 and 143.
  • Riverwalk Grill: Enjoy loaded nachos with onions, pulled pork, and a hint of a maple syrup glaze
  • The Market: Fans looking for the healthy ballpark food option at the stadium are in for a treat in section 118. The Market serves quick grab-and-go salads that include spinach, blueberries, carrots, sunflower seeds, and more.
  • Jim Beam Left Field Lounge: Mediterranean flatbreads with loads of cheese, onions, sour cream, chicken. 
  •  Quaker Steak & Lube: Serving up mild and hot wings for fans to enjoy on gameday


Classic Dessert Choices

classic dessert choices

  • Sweet Spot: The ultimate ice cream sundae with marshmallows, whip cream, sprinkles, and more served in a souvenir helmet in section 107. Fans can also get their ice cream in a waffle cone, making it easy to walk around the venue and enjoy.
  • Dippin’ Dots: Small bite-sized ice cream balls served in a rainbow of colors
  • Cotton Candy: You will find plenty of cotton candy stands and vendors throughout the venue serving up this delicious treat
  • JD Kettle Corn: Get delicious popcorn to include caramel, original, and cheese, to enjoy during the baseball game


Can You Bring Your Food into PNC Park?

According to, fans can bring outside food and water into PNC Park. Like most MLB Stadiums, all items you try and get into a Pirates game are subject to search and check. However, fans cannot bring bags into the stadium unless it is for medical reasons.


Also, check out the PNC Park Bag Policy to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.


Can You Smoke in the Facility?

There is no smoking inside PNC Park during any event.


Popular Matches Against the Pittsburgh Pirates


The Pittsburgh Pirates have been struggling to win many regular-season games. With their struggles on the field, most of their matches won’t have many fans in the stands to watch. However, some matches bring more fan interest, like when the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, and San Diego Padres visit.


Fans looking for cheap baseball tickets to PNC Park should consider going on weekdays. Weekday games tend to be much more affordable than what you will find on the weekend. To score the cheapest weekday tickets, consider going to PNC Park when the Cincinnati Reds, Arizona Diamondbacks, or Colorado Rockies visit.


What is the Average Attendance for a Pirates Game at PNC Park?

What is the Average Attendance for a Pirates Game at PNC Park

The 2021 Major League Baseball season limited the number of fans attending matches. Even with the limitations set out by the Pirates’ organization, PNC Park was towards the bottom of the list via gameday attendance. On average, PNC Park had just a bit over 10k fans watching the Pirates play baseball.


PNC Park has a total seating capacity of 38, 362.


Conclusion: PNC Park Food

In conclusion, baseball fans consider PNC Park one of the best ballparks in the game. The stadium is beautiful, with views of the Roberto Clemente bridge beyond the center field, but it also offers some of the best food options for fans to enjoy. Catching a game at PNC Park should be at the top of every baseball fan’s bucket list to visit.


Check out that link if you are looking for PNC Park parking tips for a Pirates home game. Sometimes it isn’t easy finding parking near 115 Federal Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212, so that link should help!


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