PNC Park Bag Policy

PNC Park Bag Policy

PNC Park is the MLB home of the Pittsburgh Pirates at 115 Federal St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212. Fans who want to bring a bag into the venue on game day can do so if it does not exceed 16″ x16″ x8″. Fanny packs, backpacks, purses, diaper bags, a soft-sided cooler, or another similar type of bag are acceptable to bring into the venue as long as they don’t exceed the maximum size.


Here is the complete PNC Park bag policy for your next baseball game.


How Does PNC Park Review Your Bag?

How Does PNC Park Review Your Bag

PNC Park has walk-through metal detectors that fans must go through regardless of whether they have a bag. If you come with a bag, the security team at the ballpark will inspect the inside to ensure it doesn’t contain any prohibited items. If there are any prohibited items or the bag is too big to enter the venue, fans will need to surrender those items to the security staff, bring them back to their car, or find another place for them.


Here are some of the best bags to bring into the Major League Baseball stadium for a Pirates game. Also, consider buying a clear bag for your next Pirates game!


  • A fanny pack
  • A laptop bag
  • Drawstring/tote bag
  • A see-through backpack
  • A small purse


What Items Can’t You Bring into PNC Park?

What Items Can't You Bring into PNC Park

PNC Park has an extensive list of prohibited items you can’t bring into the venue. However, it is best to visit the official gate policy guide of the MLB ballpark before your next event to ensure the rules stay the same. Below are some of the more common items that are not allowed for home games of the Pirates.


  • Weapons and other hazardous items
  • Fireworks
  • Footballs
  • Drones
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Laser pointers
  • Motorcycle helmets


What Should You Do If Your Bag Is Too Big to Enter PNC Park?

If your backpack is too big or you have items you can’t bring into the venue, your best and safest bet is to leave those items in your car if you park at PNC Park.


If you take public transportation to the venue, your next best option is to find a nearby restaurant or hotel to leave your bags. Most hotels (and some bars) charge a fee to watch your items while you are at a game. These places tend to hold onto bags on a first-come and first-served basis, so be sure to read the official rules on what you can and can’t bring into the venue to avoid the last-minute rush trying to find a place to leave your stuff.


Parking Tips and Food Guide at PNC Park

Fans looking to save money on parking at PNC Park can use the SpotHero listing above. The SpotHero listing finds nearby parking lots in downtown Pittsburgh where fans can reserve a space for their car when coming to the venue for a game. Check out the complete PNC Park parking guide to learn more.


When it comes to food and drinks, PNC Park’s policy does allow fans to bring in one water that is factory sealed and does not exceed 20 ounces. However, fans can bring in food for special dietary needs.


Check out the complete PNC Park food guide to see what the concession stands are in the concourses at the venue.


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