Lumen Field Food

Lumen Field Food

Lumen Field (Previously CenturyLink Field, Qwest Field, and Seahawks Stadium) is the NFL home of the Seattle Seahawks football team in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to being home to an NFL team, the venue is also home to the Seattle Sounders, who are part of Major League Soccer. Along with MLS, Lumen Field is also home to the NWSL Ol Reign.


Outside of football and soccer games, Lumen Field hosts many concerts and other events year-round.


Here are some of the best food and drink options to try at the venue. 


Classic Lumen Field Food Choices

Classic Lumen Field Food Choices

  • Brougham Beer Hall: Serving up classic craft beers out in section 128
  • Starbucks Coffee: You will find plenty of Starbucks coffee to get throughout the concourses at the stadium
  • Great State Burger: Serving up burgers, fries, and milkshakes out in section 122
  • Pizza Hut: Cheese, pepperoni, and more slices out in sections 107 and 137


New Foods to Enjoy During a Seattle Seahawks Game / Seattle Sounders Match

New Foods to Enjoy During a Seattle Seahawks Game Seattle Sounders Match

  • PNW Grille: Gyros and sandwiches with a wide selection of peppers, meat, and onions out in section 113
  • Beardslee Public House: Cheeseburgers, pretzels, fries, and more out in sections 204 and 240
  • Cantina: Chicken and veggie burrito bowls out in section 339
  • Chicken and Biscuits: The classic fried chicken sandwich on a biscuit with sauce out in 126 and 321
  • Beecher’s Mac n Cheese: Personalized mac and cheese out in sections 305 and 335
  • Din Tai Fung: A wide range of Asian cuisine include wonton soup, chicken fried rice, veggie buns, pork buns, and more out in sections 116, 208, 236, and 332
  • Manu’s Tacos: Personalized tacos with a wide range of toppings out in section 303
  • Smokehouse BBQ: Brisket sandwiches, mac and cheese, pretzels, and more out in sections 120, 131, 214, 230, and 305
  • Ivar’s: Fans looking for the seafood menu need to head to sections 118, 133, and 337. At Ivar’s, you will find clam chowder, fish and chips, and more


Classic Desserts

  • Observ: A wide range of cotton candy, Dippin dots, churros, and more out in sections 102, 106, 113, 124, 133


Can you Bring Outside Food to Lumen Field?

can you bring outside food into lumen field

According to, fans can bring outside food into the stadium. Fans must have their outside food in a clear bag, and it must be a single serving. Check out that link to to get the full story on what you can and can’t bring into the venue for a home game and other Lumen Field events.


Can you Tailgate Before a Game?

There is no tailgating in the official parking lots at Lumen Field. Fans can read more about the tailgating policies for the team with this link. However, there are plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance of the venue that you can visit before a game.


Also, check out Lumen Field parking tips to find the best place to park and tailgate before a game! Finally, be sure to visit the Lumen Field Bag Policy guide to see what you can bring into the venue.


Can you Smoke at the Facility?

Smoking is not allowed at Lumen Field for any event.


Popular Matches Against the Seattle Seahawks

Popular Matches Against the Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have one of the loudest NFL venues in the game today, and that is because of how passionate their fans are for their team. The games that draw the most fan interest and enthusiasm are when the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants visit. Other popular games are when the LA Rams, San Franscico 49ers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers come and visit.


Want to Go to a Seattle Sounders Match?

Want to Go to a Seattle Sounders Match

If you want to buy Seattle Sounders Tickets, you can use that link. Also, fans can take 10% off their ticket price using code TSR10.


Conclusion: Lumen Field Food

seattle seahawks

In summary, catching a football game at Lumen Field should be on the list for every NFL fan. Lumen Field is one of the loudest venues in the game, so you will be sure to have a great time when catching a game in Seattle. Also, the Seahawks continue updating their food menu each season, so there is always something new to try when you come back!