Lumen Field Bag Policy

Lumen Field Bag Policy

Lumen Field, out at 800 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134, is home to multiple Seattle sports. Those teams include the NFL Seattle Seahawks, XFL Seattle Sea Dragons, MLS Seattle Sounders, and NWSL Ol Reign teams. Lumen Field’s clear bag policy states that fans can bring in transparent bags that don’t exceed 12″ x 6″ 12″.


Here is the Lumen Field Bag Policy guide for your next event in more detail!


How Does the Lumen Field Staff Review Your Bag?

How Does the Lumen Field Staff Review Your Bag

Fans going to Lumen Field for any event will pass through a metal detector before scanning their ticket for entry. Fans with a bag will go into the bag check line at the entrance to have it inspected by the security staff. The inspection consists of reviewing the content inside of the bag along with the size of the bag. Assuming that you brought a clear bag into the venue and had no prohibited items inside, you will get it back. From there, you will scan your ticket at the gate and head inside the stadium with your bag.


Consider purchasing a single-compartment clear bag for your next Seattle game or concert! Lumen Field is enforcing a clear bag policy for all fans to adhere to, but there are exceptions for small purses that are not transparent. Here are some of the bags that can enter the facility.


  • A clear one-gallon freezer bag
  • Any clear single-compartment bag that does not exceed 12″ x 6″ 12″
  • Clear tote bags that don’t exceed the size limit
  • Small clutch bags that don’t exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″
  • Medical bags/diaper bags (The staff tends to make exceptions for these bags even if they are not clear and bigger than the size limit. However, to be 100% sure you won’t have issues with the bag, consider getting a clear bag to put these items in to help the security team review it)


What Items Can’t You Bring into Lumen Field for an Event?

What Items Can't You Bring into Lumen Field for an Event

Fans should familiarize themselves with the prohibited items list at Lumen Field before heading to the arena. If you bring items that can’t enter the facility, you must either throw them away at the gate or rent a locker to hold onto them. Here are some things on the prohibited items list for the Seattle stadium.


  • Laptops
  • Motorcycle helmets
  • Any bag that is larger than 12″ x 6″ 12″
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drones


What Happens Next If You Can’t Bring Your Bag into Lumen Field?

What Happens Next If You Can't Bring Your Bag into Lumen Field

If your bag can’t come into the stadium with you, you can rent a locker for your stuff directly at the stadium. Lumen Field works with Walker’s Locker, which has lockers to rent at the North and South areas of the stadium. There is a fee to hold onto your stuff and a limited number of lockers, so plan to arrive early to the venue if your bag can’t come into the stadium and you want to store it in a locker.


If you took public transportation to the venue and can’t get a locker at the stadium, consider seeing if a nearby bar or hotel can watch your stuff. One tip is to go about one block (or more) from the venue to see if these places can hold onto your bag. Most will charge a small fee to watch your stuff. Going one block away from the NFL stadium is that it is less crowded to go after the game to get your property than the places immediately next to the stadium.


Finally, if you drove to the Seattle Seahawks stadium and can’t bring your bag into the game, you can always leave it inside your bag.


Parking and Food Information for Seattle Match

If you plan to drive to the Seattle stadium for any event, consider using SpotHero above. SpotHero has multiple parking lots in downtown Seattle for fans to use on game day. Check out the Lumen Field Parking guide for more details.


Lumen Field does allow fans to bring outside food into the stadium. The policy states that the food should be for single-serving purposes and be in a clear ziplock bag.


Check out the Lumen Field Food guide for more details on what you can get at the arena.