loanDepot Park Food

loandepot park food

Best Food at loanDepot Park

LoanDepot Park, originally Marlins Park, is the Major League Baseball home of the Miami Marlins out in downtown Miami, Florida.  Since 2012, LoanDepot Park continues making changes to the ballpark, like the naming rights changing in 2021. In addition to the name change, the Marlins continue updating their food selection at the ballpark to match the cuisine and culture of south Miami Florida.


Here are some of the best food options at LoanDepot Park to enjoy when catching a baseball game.


Classic loanDepot Park Food Choices

classic loandepot park food choices

  • $3 to $5 Menu: With the area code being 305 in Miami, fans can enjoy affordable prices on hot dogs, soda, popcorn, pretzels, nachos, pork tacos, and even draft beer in section 26 and behind home plate at Obie’s in section 13
  • Miami’s Best Pizza at the Park: Traditional pizza serving the downtown Miami area since 1970 in section 10


New Food at loanDepot Park

new food at loandepot park

  • Biscayne Bay Brew Hall: Serving up Marlins lager along with traditional food options
  • Goya Presents La Cocina: Offering Caribbean inspired sandwiches out in section 40
  • SuViche: Sushi rolls and more out in section 23
  • PINCHO: Latin inspired burgers out in section 19
  • El Mercadito: Fans looking for more healthy food options like salads, fruits, gluten-free options, and more can check out section 1


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Sweets: Bubble waffles, ice cream, ice cream cookies, sweet pretzels, and more


Can You Bring Your Food into loanDepot Park?

According to, fans can only bring in an unsealed plastic 1-liter of water to the venue.


Also, don’t forget to check out the loanDepot Park Bag Policy to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.


Can You Smoke in the Facility?

There is no smoking inside or around the outside of the facility.


Popular Matchups Against the Miami Marlins

Popular Matchups Against the Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins made it to the postseason in 2020 but then had a setback in 2021. That setback that they had made going to LoanDepot for games less desirable than in the past. However, fans looking for a big turnout for games should go when the Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers visit.


Fans looking for cheaper games to attend should consider going on a weekday. Weekday games tend to be much more affordable than on weekends, which is excellent if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a game. Look for matches against the Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Washington Nationals visit since the demand for these tickets will be less.


How Many World Series Championships Have the Miami Marlins Won?

How Many World Series Championships Have the Miami Marlins Won

The Miami Marlins as an organization have won two World Series Championships. Their first World Series Championship took place in 1997, where they were the Florida Marlins. They won that World Series game against the Cleveland Indians on a walk-off, which was one of the most exciting finishes in World Series history.


The second World Series the Marlins won came in 2003 against the New York Yankees. The Marlins beat the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS and then went to play the New York Yankees, where the Yankees were the favorite to win the series. The Marlins shocked the world by winning Game 6 at Yankee Stadium to win the championship.


As the Miami Marlins, the team has not won nor has got to the World Series since 2003. However, they won it all when they got to the World Series as a franchise.


What is the Average Attendance for a Miami Marlins Game?

what is the average attendance for a miami marlins game
MIAMI,USA – JUNE 1,2014 : The Miami Marlins Major Leagues baseball stadium in Little Havana

2021 had a limit on the number of fans that could attend games. However, while there was a limit on fan attendance, the Miami Marlins were in last place when it came to attendance. On average, they had had less than 8 thousand fans at the game every game. They also only drew 642k fans for the entire year, which was also last in the league.


Conclusion: LoanDepot Park Food

In conclusion, loanDepot Park has continued making more fan-friendly changes to the stadium since 2012. The giant bobblehead section out in the right field is one fan-friendly section that fans still enjoy visiting the venue. While most of the stadium still resembles the original design out on 501 Marlins Way, the Marlins continue updating the food menu to better reach South Florida’s culture in Miami-Dade County.


One positive about going to LoanDepot Park for a game is that there is a roof. Since it often rains in Miami, having a roof protects players and fans and stops rain delays and cancellations. If you are a baseball fan and want to make it to every ballpark, you shouldn’t have a problem going to LoanDepot Park since ticket demand is low and the stadium has a retractable roof.


One way to bring out South Florida and Little Havana’s culture is by food, so check out some of these food items on your next visit. Finally, fans can check out the Loandepot Park parking tips to save money on their next trip!