LoanDepot Park Parking

loandepot park parking

Parking at LoanDepot Park (Previously Called Marlins Park)

LoanDepot Park is the home of the Miami Marlins Major League baseball team. Marlins Stadium’s location is at 501 Marlins Way, Miami FL 33125.  Here is the guide to Marlins Park parking.


How Much is Marlins Park Parking?

If you plan to park in the Marlins Park parking lots, you can expect to pay $25. Parking near Marlins park is surprisingly expensive considering that the baseball team is not very good. If you can find parking lots a bit outside the venue, you can pay as low as $15 to park your car.


Is there Handicap Parking at LoanDepot Park?

how much is marlins park parking

There is handicap parking garages, parking spaces, and surface lots at the baseball park for fans to use. Fans can use the West 1, West 2 lot out in home plate and right field for ADA parking. Marlins fans can also use East 1, East 2 and East 3 lots for handicap parking in left field.


Is there Tailgating at Marlins Stadium?

is there tailgating at marlins park

There is no tailgating at Marlins Park in any of the parking lots. Your best bet is to head straight into the park on game day to drink. The park does not have many bars around the stadium, so your best bet is to head directly into the venue.


Should I take Public Transportation to Marlins Stadium?

If you decide you don’t want to park at the venue, you can always take the bus to get to the venue. The Metrorail Express Shuttle Service to Marlins Park from Culmer Station drops fans right off at the arena. In addition to the bus, many fans use Uber and Lyft to get to and from the arena.


Can You Bring Your Food into loanDepot Park?

According to, fans can only bring in an unsealed plastic 1-liter of water to the venue. Check out the LoanDepot Park Food options before your next visit!


Also, don’t forget to check out the loanDepot Park Bag Policy to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.


Can You Smoke in the Facility?

There is no smoking inside or around the outside of the facility.


Popular Matches

popular matches for the miami marlins

The Miami Marlins lead the league in 2021 for the least amount of people per home page. Less than 8k fans on average would show up for baseball, but certain matches do draw more fans. Some matches include the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, the season did begin with limited capacity, but the Marlins were last again in attendance.


Other Notes

In addition to baseball games in Miami, the Miami Dolphins play football nearby at Hard Rock Stadium. If you are looking for Hard Rock Stadium Parking, you can visit that link. Finally, Miami is also home to their NBA team out in Kaseya Center. If you are looking for Kaseya Center parking, you can check out that link.