Levi’s Stadium Food

Levis Stadium Food

Levi’s Stadium is the new NFL home of the San Francisco 49ers football team as of 2014 out in Santa Clara, California. The stadium replaced Candlestick Park, the previous home out in San Francisco in the bay area, after opening up in 1960. The new stadium, Levi’s Stadium, sits 40 miles away from San Francisco out in Santa Clara and is much closer to San Jose and Silicon Valley than San Francisco.


49ers fans have a lot to like about their new football stadium when visiting on game day. Not only is the stadium new, but it also has some of the best food and drink options for fans to enjoy. Here are some of the best food and drink options to get during a game or event at the stadium.


Classic Foods at Levi’s Stadium

Classic Foods at Levi's Stadium

  • Peet’s Coffee: Serving up hot coffee, hot chocolate, and more out in section 103
  • Classic Stadium Food: Nachos, hot dogs, peanuts, pretzels water, beer, candy, and more can be found throughout the stadium
  • Loaded Big Kid Dog: A hot dog with tons of cheese, mac n cheese, and hot Cheetos. You can find this tasty cuisine out in section 304
  • Tostitos Nachos: Special nachos with a wide range of cheese out in sections 302 and 305
  • Chicken Guy and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs: Serving up classic chicken sandwiches and the famous hot dog out in section 309
  • Slice House Pizza: Cheese and pepperoni pizza out in section 315


New Foods to Enjoy During a San Francisco 49ers Game

New Foods to Enjoy During a San Francisco 49ers Game

  • Churwaffle: Chicken bites, chicken fritters, beer, and more out in section 103
  • The Chairman: Pork belly bun, fried chicken bun, draft beer, and more out in section 105
  • Bulgogi Cheesesteak: The classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich with meat, peppers, onions, cheese, and more out in section 106
  • Super Duper: Vegan burger and garlic fries out in Section 118
  • Crab Sammies: Loaded crab meat sandwiches on a butter roll in section 124
  • The Organic Coup: Signature chicken sandwich, tater tots, popcorn, beer, and more out in section 127
  • Curry Roots: chicken tikka masala bowls and berry ginger lemonade out in Section 128
  • Puesto: Serving up tacos, guacamole and chips, beer, and more out in section 129
  • Incogmeato: Fans looking for a 100% plant-based sausage can head over to section 315
  • Tahoe Blue Estrella: Serving up mixed drinks and more out in section 316
  • Smoking Pig Barbecue: BBQ sandwiches, mac n cheese, baked beans, cheeseburgers, fries, and more out in section 320


Classic Desserts

You can find ice cream throughout the concession stands at the stadium to enjoy


Can you Bring Outside Food to Levi’s Stadium?

According to levisstadium.com, fans can bring outside food into Levi’s stadium on game day. The rules for bringing in outside food include placing all food items into a clear plastic bag or wrapping.


Also, be sure to visit the Levi’s Stadium Bag Policy Guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.


Can you Tailgate Before a Game?

can you tailgate at levis stadium

Tailgating takes place before each 49ers Football game. Check out the tailgating policies with this link to see what you can and can’t do for any preseason, regular season, or playoff game. Also, check out the Levi’s Stadium parking guide to find ways to save on parking before heading to the stadium.


Can you Smoke at the Facility?

Smoking is not allowed at Levi’s stadium for any event.


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Popular Matches Against the San Francsico 49ers

The San Franscico 49ers have some of the most passionate fan bases in the game today. Expect more fan interest and intensity to arrive at the football stadium when the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and Seattle Seahawks come and visit. Other popular matches against the 49ers are when the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Los Angeles Rams visit.