Hard Rock Stadium Food

hard rock stadium food

Hard Rock Stadium is the NFL home of the Miami Dolphins out on 347 Don Shula Dr, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056. In addition to NFL games, the South Florida stadium hosts the Miami Hurricanes football team, Miami Open Tennis matches, and plenty of concerts. The stadium sits about 18 miles north of Miami Beach and South Beach.


Here is some of the best food to get when visiting Hard Rock Stadium on game day or any event.


Classic Hard Rock Stadium Food

classic hard rock stadium food


  • Stahl Mayer Hot Dogs: Serving up classic hot dogs and beer out in sections 101 and 1114
  • Bud Light Bar: Get cold Bud Light out in section 105
  • Bru’s Room: Fried Buffalo chicken and wings out in sections 102, 214, 242, and 304


New Foods to Enjoy During a Miami Dolphins Football Game

  • Fuku: The classic fried chicken sandwich with pickles, bacon, and sauce out in sections 116 and 319
  • And Pizza: Long pizzas in a range of flavors including white, dirty bird, buffalo 66, and more out in sections 142 and 345
  • Shula Burger: Signature burgers with fries out in sections 114, 142, 222, 250, and 345
  • Jackson Soul Food: Chicken wings, fried conch, mac n cheese, BBQ rib bites, carribean fried shrimp, and more out in sections 134 and 329


Classic Desserts

  • Mojo Donuts: Powdered sugar donuts with a wide range of flavors to enjoy out in section 217
  • OB House: Serving up pancakes with a wide range of flavors out in section 146
  • Menchie’s Yogurt: Sweet yogurt out in sections 139 and 350
  • Sweet Cream: Serving up delicious, handcrafted ice cream flavours out in section 119


Can you Bring Outside Food into Hard Rock Stadium?

can you bring outside food into hard rock stadium

According to hardrockstadium.com, fans can bring outside food into the stadium. You can read the A-Z guide on their website, but outside food was not under prohibited items.


Can you Tailgate Before a Game?

Tailgating takes place before every home game at Hard Rock Stadium’s parking lots. You can visit the official tailgating guidelines at this link. Also, you can see the Hard Rock Stadium parking tips section to find great deals before coming to the venue.


Finally, be sure to visit the Hard Rock Stadium Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the arena.


Can You Smoke at the Facility?

There is no smoking allowed inside the stadium for any game or event.


Popular Matches Against the Miami Dolphins

popular matches against the miami dolphins

The Miami Dolphins has a strong and passionate fanbase that comes out weekly to support their team. The biggest matches of the year are when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs visit. Other popular matches against the Dolphins are when the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, and Pittsburgh Steelers make their visit to Maimi.


Conclusion: Hard Rock Stadium Food

In summary, catching a Dolphins game or any event at Hard Rock Stadium offers a lot for fans to enjoy. The overhang at the stadium gives ample shade to most of the fans sitting in the venue, which is a welcome treat with the Miami heat during the season. Finally, the Dolphins continue adding great food options to their menu each season, so be sure to visit to see what’s new!