Climate Pledge Arena Food

Last updated on December 7th, 2023 at 04:01 pm

Climate Pledge Arena Food

Climate Pledge Arena is home to the Seattle Kraken’s NHL team and Seattle Storm’s WNBA team. In addition, the venue is also home to the Seattle University Redhawks, a college basketball team, and the Rat City Roller Derby team. The venue opened in 1962 and has gone through numerous renovations at 334 1st Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109.


Here is the food guide at Climate Pledge Arena.


Climate Pledge Arena Food Spotlight

Classic Climate Pledge Arena Food

Classic Climate Pledge Arena Food

  • Starbucks Market: The self-checkout area allows fans to pick up drinks and snacks and walk right out of the store. The technology behind this uses an Amazon One device or your credit card to scan as you walk in. Amazon’s just walk-out technology is one of the quickest ways to get food and drinks at the venue.
  • Impossible Burger: Fans looking for a great-tasting alternative to a beef burger can head to sections 5, 11, and 12. In addition, the venue has the impossible nuggets, fries, water, and more.
  • Sound Pizza: Get cheese pizza, mozzarella sticks, meatballs, and more out in sections 19 and 117
  • Bavarian Meats: Hot dogs and sausage to enjoy in many of the concession stands on the concourse.
  • Coors Light Market Place: Serving up classic meals like hot dogs, burgers, fries, water, chicken tender, pretzels, and more out in section 112
  • Hempler’s Market Place: Kraken dogs with onions, duck confit loaded fries, cheeseburgers, impossible burgers, and more out in section 124


New Food at Climate Pledge Arena

New Food at Climate Pledge Arena

  • Mercer Street Mac & BBQ: Serving up mac n cheese along with pulled pork sandwiches out in sections 24 and 107
  • 1st Ave Nachos: A wide range of nacho toppings with multiple protein options to choose from out in section 117
  • Seattle Eats: Serving up cheeseburgers, Kraken sausage hand pies, hot dogs, fries, local field green bowls, impossible burgers, and more. To get into this food area at the venue, fans will need ticket access to Mount Baker Hall.
  • Bristol Bay Chowder: Alaskan seafood potato soup out in sections 11 and 108
  • Ballard Pizza: Serving up a wide selection of pizza to enjoy in sections 13, 26, and 119. Fans will need a ticket to Amex Hall, WaFD Bank Club, or Symetra Club to get into this area.
  • Din Tai Fung Marketplace: Chicken fried rice dishes out in section 06
  • Metropolitan Grill: Serving up Seattle Steakhouse eats out at sections 01 and 14
  • Big Chicken Market: Serving up chicken sandwiches and more out in sections 06 and 203
  • JUST POKÉ: Fans looking for poke bowls to enjoy on gameday will need access to WaFD Bank Club or Symetra Club.


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Local Lolli: Serving up cookies, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, and more out in Mount Baker Hall. Fans will need tickets to get into this area to enjoy this wide range of treats.
  • Emerald City Ice Cream: A wide range of ice cream flavors to enjoy out in section 107


Can You Bring Outside Food into Climate Pledge Arena?

Fans and guests can’t bring outside food or drinks into the venue. However, there are many restaurants and bars near the venue to check out before a game with friends. Some of the best bars and restaurants near the venue are Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar, Mecca Cafe, Agave Cocina & Tequilas, and T.S. McHugh’s.


Also, check out the Climate Pledge Arena parking guide before driving to the venue. That guide can help you find a parking spot before getting to the venue. Also, it will help you save some money on a parking spot!


Finally, be sure to visit the Climate Pledge Arena Bag Policy guide to see what you can and cannot bring in for a game.

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