Acrisure Stadium Food

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Acrisure Stadium Food

Acrisure Stadium (Previously Heinz Field) is the NFL stadium of the Pittsburgh Steelers and college football team Pittsburgh Panthers. The stadium sits near PNC Park, which is where the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team plays. Here are the food and drink options at the stadium for your next event!


Also, I share my recommendations and thoughts on the food and drink choices for Acrisure Stadium.


Food to Highlight

Classic Acrisure Stadium Food Choices

Classic Acrisure Stadium Food Choices

  • Goal Line Stand: Staple stadium foods including hot dogs, pizza, peanuts, popcorn, soft pretzels, soda, beer, and more throughout the stadium
  • Ford Fan Zone: Franco’s Italian sausages and more
  • Drink Mkts: Head to sections 117 and 525 for a self-serve option to grab snacks and drinks. Using this stand tends to move fans quickly through, which means you get back to your seats quickly
  • Beverage Blitz: Soda and beer throughout the stadium for fans to enjoy
  • Pittsburgh Pierogi House: Serving up classic pierogis for fans to enjoy on gameday
  • Little Caesars Stands: Fans can pickup pizza slices at many locations throughout the stadium


New Foods to Enjoy During a Pittsburgh Steelers Game

New Foods to Enjoy During a Pittsburgh Steelers Game

  • Primanti Brothers: Loaded sandwiches with tomatoes, fries, meat, and more out in the Great Hall
  • Quaker Steak ‘N’ Lube: Gyros, wings, and pierogis
  • Kennywood: Potato patch gravy fries out in the Great Hall
  • Franco’s Pizzeria: Signature pizzas, including the immaculate Pie, and more at section 107
  • ​Benkovitz Seafood: Fish and chips and more out in section 106
  • Burgatory: Gourmet burgers and milkshakes at section 147
  • Nacho Zone: Loaded nachos out in sections 227, 241l 522, and 535
  • Dubliner Irish Whiskey Cocktails: Fans looking for signature cocktails can head to section 33


Classic Desserts

  • Fude Puppies: Head to sections 108, 124, 130, 134, and 524 to pickup fudge on a stick treats
  • Candy: Fans can pickup candy at most concession stands throughout the stadium
  • Potato Chips: Fans can pickup potato chips at most concession stands throughout the stadium
  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: Head to section 135 to pickup warm pretzels / pretzel dogs


My Recommendation on Food and Drink Choices

Tailgating before a football game is the way to go if you want to spend less money on food or drinks inside the stadium. Consider tailgating in the parking lots before a Steelers game if you can get to the stadium 3+ hours before kickoff.


As a note, I have not been to Acrisure Stadium personally, but I think it is worth checking out Franco’s Pizzeria stand. Franco’s Pizzeria at section 107 offers signature pizzas, which is always a great option to consider.


Finally, if you only want to grab drinks at the game, head to the many walk-through brew areas. These areas are designed to move fans quickly through the line to get them back to their seats. From my experience at other venues, these stands will get you back quicker to your seats than from a traditional concession stand. I’ve been to plenty of stadiums that have these grab and go stands and can confirm they move you through the checkout line quickly.


Can you Bring Outside Food into Acrisure Stadium?

Can you Bring Outside Food into Acrisure Stadium

According to, fans can bring outside food into the stadium for a Steelers game. The official statement is that food of any kind contained in a clear plastic bag can enter the venue.


Also, be sure to visit the Acrisure Stadium Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.


Can you Tailgate and Eat Before a Game?

is there tailgating at heinz field

Tailgating opens up five hours before kick-off during each home game. Tailgating tends to be the best way to meetup with friends before a game and eat and drink. My recommendation is to tailgate before a game if you don’t want to spend more money on food and drinks at the stadium. 


Also, visit the Acrisure Stadium Parking tips before your next visit!


Conclusion: Acrisure Stadium Food

popular matches for the steelers

In summary, the food and drink choices at Acrisure Stadium continue to update each season. My recommendation for getting food at the venue is from Franco’s Pizzeria. For getting drinks, I recommend going to one of the walk-through brew sections since the lines move quickly.

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