Yankee Stadium Bag Policy

Yankee Stadium Bag Policy

Yankee Stadium is the Major League Baseball home to the New York Yankees and, at times, New York City FC, a member of Major League Soccer. The bag policy at Yankee Stadium allows fans to bring backpacks and other compliant bags into the venue for games and concerts. The official bag policy for the ballpark in the Bronx is that the backpack can’t exceed 16”x16”x8” and can’t be a hard-sided bag or container.


Here is the complete Yankee Stadium bag policy guide for your next baseball game, soccer match, or concert.


How Does Yankee Stadium Review Your Bag?

How Does Yankee Stadium Review Your Bag

If you are coming to Yankee Stadium for an MLB game, MLS match, or concert, you can expect a metal detector for fans to pass through via the security checkpoint. If you carry a purse or backup, you must have the security personnel staff review your bag separately by placing it in the bag-size bin and the metal detector screening. The stadium staff will open your bag to do their review and will either allow your bag to enter or not. If your bag does not exceed 16”x16”x8” and is not hard-sided, you shouldn’t have an issue bringing it in.


Looking to bring a bag into the stadium? Consider purchasing a clear single-compartment bag for your next Yankees game!


  • A drawstring backpack / and soft-sided personal item
  • A small purse
  • Bringing your laptop bag to the venue
  • A completely clear backpack. As a note, other venues in MLB are no longer allowing backpacks into their stadium, so getting a clear backpack will be a smart choice in the future if you need a bag to bring to games.
  • Bringing your camera bag to the stadium
  • A fanny pack


What Items Can’t You Bring into Yankee Stadium for a Game or Concert?

What Items Can’t You Bring into Yankee Stadium for a Game or Concert

MLB.com has an extensive list of prohibited items for Yankee Stadium that fans should visit before their next event to know what they can’t bring into the stadium. Here is a quick list of things you can’t bring into the stadium.


  • Glass bottles
  • Laser pens and laser pointers
  • Selfie sticks
  • Laptops
  • Drugs, Alcohol, Fireworks, Firearms, etc.
  • Air horns / Noisemakers
  • Tripods/drones
  • Animals that are not service animals for the guest


What Should You Do If Your Bag Is Too Big to Enter Yankee Stadium?

What Should You Do If Your Bag Is Too Big to Enter Yankee Stadium

It is worth noting that there is no storage area directly at Yankee Stadium for you to leave your bag if it is too big. If you feel your bag is too big / stadium security denies your bag stadium access, go to the bars and stores directly behind the stadium to see if they will take it. Most places will take your bag if they have the space for $5 or $10. However, it is a first come, first serve with these lockers and bags they can hold at their place, so plan to arrive early at Yankee Stadium to drop off your bag rather than closer to game time.


As a note, I went to DUGOUTBX to leave my backpack there for $5 during an NYCFC game in 2022. I’ve also left my backpack at the Yankee Souvenir shop near Billy’s Bar and Stan’s without any issue.


If you drove directly to the stadium, you can bring your bag to your car and leave it there. From there, you will need to get back in line to enter the stadium for your game or concert.


Parking Tips and Food Guide at Yankee Stadium

If you plan to park at Yankee Stadium, consider checking out the SpotHero listing above. Using SpotHero will save you money compared to the official parking prices directly at the stadium. Here is the complete Yankee Stadium Parking guide if you want to learn more.


For food, Yankee Stadium does allow fans to bring in outside food for individual consumption. Along with that, fans can bring in a bottle of water that is factory-sealed. Yankee Stadium staff will review your food and ask you to put it in a clear plastic bag if needed.


Check out the complete Yankee Stadium food guide to see what you can get directly at the venue. 


Final Thoughts: Yankee Stadium Bag Policy

From my experience, I’ve been able to bring in a backpack to Yankee Stadium without any issues. My friends who also bring backpacks into the stadium don’t have any issues as well. However, if I have my laptop with me, I leave my backpack at one of the bars.


Also, consider getting a clear single-compartment bag for your next Yankees game. More and more venues are only allowing clear bags in their facility, so you might as well get one now.


Finally, if you want to buy NYCFC tickets, you can click on that link!