Yankee Stadium Food

Yankee Stadium Food


Best Food at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is the ballpark home to the MLB New York Yankees team out in the Bronx, New York City. Since 2009, Yankee Stadium continues to add new food choices for Yankees fans to enjoy each season. Below are some of the best food at Yankee Stadium options. If you are looking for Yankee Stadium parking in NYC, you can visit that link as well. Finally, check out my Yankee Stadium review if you want to see what I think!


Classic Yankee Stadium Food Choices


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  • Shake Shack: Get Burgers, Fries, Shakes Cracker Jacks, and more
  • Nathans: The world-famous hot dog stand is at the venue. You can also get gluten-free hot dogs too. You can find many Nathan’s around the stadium, but you will immediately see this in the Great Hall as you walk into the park.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: Offering a large selection of wings and crispy maple chicken sandwiches out in section 107


New Food at Yankee Stadium


  • Mighty Quinn: Brontosaurus BBQ Rib and chicken wings Bareburger sandwiches. Mighty Quinn also offers vegan food options too
  • Lobel: Prime Steak sandwiches
  • Frank’s Red Hot Terrance (Toyota Terrace): Out in the left-field bleachers offering hamburgers, fries, pickles, and more.
  • City Winery: Offering a large selection of wines at section 106
  • The Big Mozz: Large selection of Mozzarella and cheddar cheese to enjoy
  • Noodles Bar: Offering sushi within the Pepsi Food court in section 127b
  • Pinstripe Pilsner: Offering craft beer options
  • Farmer’s Market: Fresh fruit like apples, salad, bananas, and more out in section 121b


Classic Dessert Choices


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  • Grand Slam Milkshake: Offering souvenir size Pinstripe milkshakes with a wide assortment of flavors and ice cream. One of the most famous is the Chocolate All-Star Shake that includes ice cream, Oreos, fudge brownie, and more.
  • King’s Hawaiian: Sweet and buttery bread


Can you Bring Food Into Yankee Stadium?

You can bring food from outside venues into Yankee Stadium. The official rule is that the food needs to be put into a clear plastic bag. Foods can include sandwiches, chips. candy, peanuts, and more. In addition to food, Yankee fans can also bring in unopened bottled water in a plastic bottle.



Yankee Stadium has plenty of food options to choose from when visiting the ballpark in the Bronx. From the batter’s eye deck out in the center field bleachers offering caramelized onion french soup, to the milkshakes at first base, you will find something for everyone. There are plenty of food options for everyone to enjoy when they visit. You will also find many food options all in the same place at the food court section in section 125.