Golden 1 Center Bag Policy

Golden 1 Center Bag Policy

Golden 1 Center is home to the Sacramento Kings NBA team at 500 David J Stern Walk, Sacramento, CA 95814. The bag policy for the Sacramento Kings is that bags that exceed 8”x6”x1″ can’t enter the facility. Medical and similar bags can enter the facility, but a traditional backpack can’t.


Here is the complete Golden 1 Center bag policy guide for your next basketball, hockey, or lacrosse game!


How Does the Golden 1 Center Staff Review Your Bag?

How Does the Golden 1 Center Staff Review Your Bag

Fans coming to the Sacramento venue for an NBA game or concert will go through a metal detector before scanning their ticket for entry. Fans with a bag will queue up in a different line since that security check takes longer for fans without a bag. During bag check at the entrance, the security team reviews the inside and outside of the bag, its size, and if the items inside can enter the arena.


Consider purchasing a single-compartment clear bag for your next Sacramento Kings game or another event! There is a trend that more sports venues are adopting a clear bag policy in the future, so consider getting one now. Some other bag types that can enter the Sacramento basketball arena are below.


  • Medical bags
  • Diaper bags
  • Small clear single-compartment bags that don’t exceed 8”x6”x1.”
  • Small purses
  • Any ADA compliant bag


What Items Can’t You Bring into Golden 1 Center?

What Items Can't You Bring into Golden 1 Center

Golden 1 Center updates its prohibited items list throughout the season, so it is best to check out this official guide before your next event. Here are some items on the banned list that fans can’t bring into the venue for their next Sacramento Kings match.


  • Laser pointers
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Outside food and beverages (Exceptions can occur for things like baby formula or something equivalent to that)
  • Alcohol
  • Coolers
  • Any bags that exceed the bag size of the venue
  • Backpacks


What Happens If Your Bag Is Too Big to Enter Golden 1 Center?

If your bag can’t enter Golden 1 Center for any event, don’t worry, there are rental lockers that you can get that are outside the stadium. Luxer One uses Drop Locker, which has locker storage units where fans can put their bags and belongings if they can’t enter the facility. It is best to arrive early at the venue if you fill your bag is too big to get one of these locker storage units, as these spaces can sell out since a limited number of them are on site.


If you can’t get a locker directly at Golden 1 Center to store your things, you can always bring them back to your car and leave them there.


Finally, if you took public transportation to the game, don’t have a car to leave your stuff in, and if every locker is sold out at the venue, consider seeing if a nearby hotel can watch your belongings. Most hotels charge a small fee to protect your stuff while you are at the game.


Parking Tips and Food Guide for a Sacramento Kings

Fans can save money on parking near Golden 1 Center with SpotHero. Parking rates can change depending on the event, but booking ahead with SpotHero locks you into that price before it increases. Check out the Golden 1 Center Parking guide for complete details.


Fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into the Sacramento Kings venue.


Here is the complete Golden 1 Center food guide to see what you can get during a game at the stadium.


Tickets for Your Next Event

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