Globe Life Park

Texas Rangers Ballpark Globe Life Park

When did Globe Life Park Open?

The baseball venue opened up on April 2, 1992 and was known as The Ballpark in Arlington from 1994 to 2004. Between 2005 and 2006, the name of the field was Ameriquest Field in Arlington. Then from 2007 to 2013, the name of the park became Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Finally, we have Globe Life Park which is the naming rights of Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company.


Where is Rangers Park Located?

Globe Life Park Outside

The location of Globe Life Park is in Arlington, Texas in the United States. The exact address of the park is 1000 Ballpark Way. There is a big parking lot outside the park where fans can meet and pre-game before the game. Check out the Texas Rangers parking guide if you plan to drive to the game.


What Times Does Globe Life Park Open?

Many fans are curious when Globe Life Park gates open as it is the final year in 2019. Fans want to come as early as they can to see the park off before it closes it’s doors for good. Day games open up 90 minutes before first pitch while night games open 2.5 hours before first pitch.


What Team Plays at Globe Life Park?

The Texas Rangers baseball team plays at Globe Life Park. The Texas Rangers are a Major League Baseball team in the American League West division. The teams that play in the AL West Division are the LA Angels, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, and Houston Astros.


What are the Dimensions at Globe Life Park?

Texas Rangers Globe Life Park in the Upper Deck

From left field to the right, you will see the sizes go from 332 feet, 390, 404 feet in the center field area, 377 feet in the right center, and 325 feet in right field.


What is the Capacity at Globe Life Park?

Rangers Stadium is one of the largest parks in the game via seating capacity. The current size falls under 50,000 seats at 48,114. When the Rangers are in the playoffs, you can expect more places to be added via standing room only. The park is similar size to Yankee Stadium capacity with over 50,000 seats.


Texas Rangers Tickets

Getting tickets to a Rangers home game in 2019 will be difficult being the final year. With high demand for fans to see the ballpark one last time, fans should use SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, StubHub, and more to snag tickets. When the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers,  or Houston Astros come to town, you can expect tickets to be even more difficult to come by. The best time to catch a game is in the summer when the weather is at it’s hottest because that is when tickets will be it’s cheapest.


Nearby Parks

The closest ballpark to Globe Life Park in Arlington is Minute Maid Park which is where the Houston Astros play. The drive is just under 4 hours which is south of Arlington. The Astros and Rangers play against each other often, so you can expect big crowds when it’s a battle of Texas.


What Bars are Arlington Park?

There are a few bars that are around Globe Life Park. Some of the best bars around Globe Life Park include Rebecca Creek Saloon, Old No.7 Jack Daniels Club, Captain Morgans, Miller Tavern and Beer Garden, The Diamond Club, and more.


Notable Features

One of the most notable features at Globe Life Park is Greene’s Hill out in center field. Greene’s Hill is a sloped hill out in center field that acts as the hitter’s eye. When the Texas Rangers hit a home run out there, fans run onto the grass to catch that ball.


One feature that fans wish they had (which will be in the new stadium) is a retractable roof stadium. Games during the summer and in the sun are brutal for fans. Temperatures on the field during the summer can exceed 100 degrees, so fans tend not to show up as much as night games.


In 2010 and 2011, The Texas Rangers lost both of those World Series and have failed to get back there again. The Texas Rangers have never won a World Series as a franchise. Their counterparts out in Houston won the World Series in 2017.


On a more somber note, there have been unfortunate accidents at the park. Due to the height of the seats out in left field, fans have fallen out of their seats by trying to catch a ball. Unfortunately, in 2011, a fan passed away when trying to catch a ball, but fell out of their seat.


New Stadium

In 2020, the Rangers will move to their new ballpark, Globe Life Field. This new Globe Life Field will be a retractable roof stadium, air-conditioned baseball, more luxury suites, and all the modern amenities that new stadium experience. The new stadium will be built south of Globe Life Park near AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys football team plays. If you are looking for AT&T Stadium Parking tips, you can visit that link.