Dodger Stadium Parking

dodger stadium parking

Parking at Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is the home of the MLB Los Angeles Dodgers team. The Major League Baseball stadium sits at 1000 Elysian Park Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90012. The new address is 1000 Vin Scully Ave as of 2019.  


Here is the guide to Dodger Stadium Parking tips below.


How Much is Dodger Stadium Parking?

Many people want to know how much is parking at Dodger Stadium. If you plan to park in the Dodger Stadium parking lots, you can expect to pay $50 on game days. Parking lots 13 and 14 have parking rates for $5, but it’s a 20 minute uphill walk. Dodgers parking options and parking spots can be difficult navigating through once a baseball game ends as a reminder. General parking near Stadium way is another popular choice for fans to use or Dodger games.


Fans looking to have guarantee parking should look into Prepaid Lanes. In addition to having a spot, you can also skip a lot of traffic with this pass. There are prepaid lanes that drivers can use with these passes to skip the hassle of traffic at the venue.


Is there Handicap Parking at Dodger Stadium?

Is there Handicap Parking at Dodger Stadium

Handicap parking is available for all fans to use when driving to Dodger Stadium. Parking lots B, G, N, and P have handicap parking spaces available at the venue. Fans will need to have a valid placard and handicap parking pass to keep their vehicles in these spaces.


Is there Tailgating at Dodger Stadium?

There is no tailgating at Dodger Stadium’s parking lots.


Can You Bring Outside Food into Dodger Stadium?

classic dodger stadium food

According to, fans can bring outside food into Dodger Stadium during a game. All outside food must be put into a clear plastic bag that is smaller than 12″X12″X6″. Check out the Dodger Stadium Food guide to see what the venue has to offer!


Also, be sure to visit the Dodger Stadium Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.


Can You Smoke Inside the Stadium?

There is no smoking in the seats at Dodger Stadium. Smokeless tobacco products and vapes are also prohibited at the venue.


Is there Public Transportation?

Fans can use the Dodger Stadium Express shuttle from Union Station to get to the ballpark for home games. Taking the express shuttle from downtown LA is a popular option to get to Dodger Stadium. In addition to the shuttle, fans can also use Uber and Lyft to get to the MLB stadium. Look for Gate A at the venue for Uber and Lyft pick up and drop offs.


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Popular Matches and Events

popular matches for the dodgers

The LA Dodgers drive large crowds to their games after making the World Series the past two seasons. Popular baseball matches against the San Francisco Giants, Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels, and Boston Red Sox usually sell out. In addition to those big games, you can find high demand for the New York Mets, San Diego Padres, and St Louis Cardinals too.


Finally, games against the Tampa Bay Rays, Colorado Rockies, Toronto Blue Jays, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Kansas City Royals generally draw less interest.


Other Notes

In addition to Dodgers baseball, you also have the LA Angels baseball team nearby. If you are looking for Angel Stadium parking, you can visit that link. For football game parking, you can check out La Coliseum parking page. Next, you can always catch a game at Staples Center for the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, and LA Kings. If you are looking for Arena Parking, you can visit that link.