Dodger Stadium Food

dodger stadium food

Best Food at Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is the ballpark home to the MLB Los Angeles Dodgers team out in LA, California.  The Dodgers continue to add new cuisine options to their food menu each season. In addition to updating the food menu, the Dodger made new stadium improvements to their ballpark, specifically out in the bleachers and center field. Now there is more walking venues to connect fans together on both sides of the stadium, which makes catching a game at Dodger Stadium even better.


Below are some of the best food options at Dodger Stadium. 


Classic Dodger Stadium Food Choices

classic dodger stadium food

  • Dodger Dogs: You will find plenty of concession stands selling Dodgers Dogs, Super Dodger Dogs,  pretzels, souvenir cups, draft domestic beer, and more  around the stadium to enjoy
  • Flamin’ Hot Corner: Hot chipotle corn dogs out in section 247
  • Elysian Park Grill: The staple hot dog choice for all Dodgers fans to enjoy. Fans typically invest in the $33 all you can eat food options in right field plaza to have unlimited Dodger Dogs, Vegan Hot Dogs, Going Yard Dodger Sausages, cracker jacks, and more. You can also find Elysian Park Grill on the loge level at the stadium.
  • Fan Fare: Offering the classic grilled chicken sandwich, soda, water, beer, and more in section 731
  • Top Deck Dogs: Out in section 5, fans can get Super Dodger Dogs and more
  • Dunkin Donuts: Get delicious coffee and donuts along with the signature Dodgers Signature Latte. The Dodgers Signature Latte is a blueberry crisp espresso with whip cream and cinnamon sugar out in the center field plaza.
  • Shake Shack: Fans can get the classic hamburgers, fries, soda, water, beer, and more from this stand out in the centerfield plaza
  • Jeff’s Kosher: Serving up kosher hot dogs and more out in right field


New Foods to Enjoy During a Dodger Game

new foods to enjoy during a dodger game

  • LA Grille: New for the 2023 season. Fans can get chick bowl dishes, hummus, greek fries, chipotle sausage corndog, and more.
  • LA Cheesesteak: Out in section 8, fans can get the LA take on the cheesesteak sandwich. The LA take includes cheese whiz, onions, chicken, cheese, mushrooms, and more
  • King’s Hawaiian Grill: Offering pulled pork hot dogs with sweet corn
  • Think Blue BBQ: Offering pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, cornbread, and more in section 251
  • Korean Rib Bowl: Offering base bowls with plenty of poke bowl options
  • LA Taqueria Express: Offering Nachos, tacos, sour cream, grilled corn, and more Mexican cuisine out in sections 22, 23, Top Deck 6 and loge 163
  • Bud & Burgers: Traditional burgers, fries, beers, and more at the venue to enjoy
  • Shake Shack: Get the delicious burger, fry, and shake treat out at Dodger Stadium new for the 2021 season out in the center field plaza


Classic Dessert

classic desserts at dodger stadium

  • Trolley Treats: Offering ice cream, funnel cakes, churros, and more out in Field 46 as well as Reserve 2
  • L.A Lowrider Fire Truck: Selling locally made ice cream sandwiches out in the center field plaza.
  • Popcorn: Fans will see vendors walking around with cotton candy through the game for fans to purchase
  • Centerfield Plaza: Fans looking for classic desserts like cracker jacks, sunflower seeds, and cotton candy can find them beyond center field
  • Estrella Bar: Candy and other frozen treats in field 1
  • Dole Whip: Offering a delicious frozen treat for fans at the left field plaza
  • Frozen Yogurt: Fans looking for a healthy dessert to enjoy during a game can head to field 9
  • Frozen Lemonade: Fans looking to cool down during a hot baseball game can head to the centerfield area to get frozen lemonade


Can You Bring Outside Food into Dodger Stadium?

Can You Bring Outside Food into Dodger Stadium for a Game


According to, fans can bring outside food into Dodger Stadium during a game. All outside food must be put into a clear plastic bag that is smaller than 12″X12″X6″.


Also, visit the Dodger Stadium Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue. Finally, if you are looking for cheap Dodgers parking, you can visit that link.


Can You Smoke Inside the Stadium?

There is no smoking in the seats at Dodger Stadium. Smokeless tobacco products and vapes are also prohibited at the venue.


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Popular Matches Against the Dodgers

Popular Matches Against the Dodgers

Catching a game at Dodger Stadium is always a treat. However, if it is your first time going to the game, you should aim for specific matches to get an authentic experience. Games against the San Franciso Giants, New York Mets, LA Angels, Atlanta Braves, and San Diego Padres bring the most energy. In addition to that, if the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees are visiting the venue, those games tend to bring a good mix between home and away fans.


If you are looking for less popular / cheaper games to attend, consider going during a weekday match. In addition to that, weekday games against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Cincinnati Reds, and Miami Marlins all tend to draw less demand. In addition to that, games against Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals, and St. Louis Cardinals won’t be as popular as other matches.


What is the Average Seating Capacity at a Dodger Game?

What is the Average Seating Capacity at a Dodger Game

The LA Dodgers have been one of the best teams of late, which means they tend to draw large crowds to their venue. 2021 had a dip in attendance due to seating limitations, but the LA Dodgers lead the league with 2.8 million fans. On average, the Dodgers get about 34k fans to show up to their venue each day for a match. As a note, Dodger Stadium can hold 56,000 fans, which makes it the biggest MLB stadium in the game.


So far in 2023, the average attendance at Dodger Stadium is over 47k.


Conclusion: Dodger Stadium Food

Dodger Stadium is one of the most famous baseball venues in the game today. Not only is it one of the most famous, but it is also one of the oldest. Catching a game at the venue will feel timeless, which is a good thing.


Dodger Stadium has plenty of food options to choose from when visiting the ballpark in Los Angeles. The Dodgers continue to evolve their food menu every year. Therefore, some of the items on this list may look different for your next visit!


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