BMO Field Parking

Last updated on November 29th, 2023 at 08:04 am

BMO Field Parking

BMO Field is home to Toronto FC (Major League Soccer) and Toronto Argonauts (Canadian Football League) teams. In addition, the venue has been host to rugby matches, plenty of concerts, MLS cups, and more. The venue, which opened in 2007, is at 170 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3, Canada, and sits in front of Lake Ontario.


Here are the parking tips to be familiar with when driving to BMO Field for a concert or game.


Official Parking around BMO Field


There are multiple parking lots that surround BMO Field for fans to use for any event. Lot 852 that is below the stadium is a Green P Parking app exclusive, which you can download here to purchase your parking. The other parking lots that surround the venue include the Surface Red Lot, Underground Yellow Lot, and Lot 856. Parking rates will vary depending on each lot and the event that are you are seeing. In 2023, you can expect parking prices to start at $15, but the prices can increase depending on multiple factors. Here is a link to the parking map around BMO Field for you to see where you can park. 


Also, here is a link to the official parking page at BMO Field


My Recommendation on Parking + Experience with SpotHero


I’m a big SpotHero user, so I always recommend fans check it out before driving to any arena. From my experience, I tend to save about 30% (or more) on parking using this service over the official lots next to an arena. I’ve found that if you can park 10-15 minutes away from your destination, you will find the sweet spot of cost-savings and distance. I’ve been using SpotHero for years and have never had a problem with it reserving parking. Plus, you can see on the map where these unofficial parking lots are located, making it easy to use and reserve parking.


BMO Field Handicap Parking

BMO Field Handicap Parking
According to the official BMO Field website, there are 88 ADA parking spaces at Exhibition Place Lot 2, below gate 3. If you have any questions on where to park, you can ask the parking attendants working the lots on game day or for the event. Also, fans can use Gate 1 or Gate 3 to pick up and drop off fans who need extra assistance, but it is best to check in first with the parking attendants at the stadium when you plan to do that in case any special requirements are necessary.


Is there Tailgating in the Parking Lots?

Is there Tailgating Before a Toronto FC Match

There isn’t any official tailgating in the BMO Field parking lots, but there are plenty of bars and restaurants that fans like to visit before and after a soccer game. Some popular bars and restaurants include Falcon Skybar, Glow Bar, Grand Bizare Supper Club, and Liberty Commons.


In addition to that, the soccer stadium sits about 3 miles from Rogers Centre (home of the Toronto Blue Jays), so proper planning can have you catch a soccer and baseball game on the same day. If you can do that, you can, in theory, bar hop to either venue and make a day of it.


Here is the complete BMO Field food guide at the stadium to see what’s on the menu. Also, feel free to check out the BMO Field Bag Policy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the venue.


Can You Take Public Transporation to the Venue?

Fans can use Streetcar, Train, Bus, and rideshare to and from BMO Field. For the train, you want to get off at the Go Transit Stop, which is at Exhibition Place. You can take bus routes 29 and 72 to the venue as well.


Fans can also cycle to and from the venue. There are bicycle racks to use to properly and safely secure your bike.


Finally, fans can also use a rideshare program to get to and from the venue.

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