Audi Field Parking

audi field parking

Parking for D.C. United 

Audi Field is the Major League Soccer home to D.C. United. The soccer-specific stadium opened up in 2018 and sits out at 1000 Potomac Ave, SW, Washington DC 20024. In addition to being the home of D.C United, the venue is also home to the Washington Spirit Nationals Womens’ Soccer League Team.


Here are the parking tips when heading to the venue on game day!


How Much is Parking for D.C. United?

You can find plenty of parking near Audi Field on game day for about $20. The further that you park away from the stadium, you can expect to pay less than $20 a spot. However, the pricing of parking tends to fluctuate depending on the event that is taking place. For example, the MLS All Star Game in 2023 is taking place at Audi Field, which means parking rates will be more expensive than for a traditional game. Same goes if the game you are going to is a playoff game or a regular season game.


Audi Field Handicap Parking

All official gates around the venue are ADA accessible. If you have any questions about accessible parking, you can ask the parking staff on game day where you should park. The parking staff can help direct you to the best parking lot closest to your seat to get in and out of the stadium.


In addition to handicap parking, fans can also take advantage of the free shuttle to and from Audi Field for fans with special needs and accommodations. Check out the ADA guide from D.C United to learn more about this free service.


Is there Tailgating?

There are plenty of bars around Nationals Park that fans can visit before heading to Audi Park. The walk from the bars at Nationals Park to Audi Field is less than ten minutes, so it is an ideal meetup spot for fans to meet up at before a game.


Can You Bring Outside Food into Audi Field?

Fans can’t bring in any outside food in the venue on gameday. However, there are exceptions that can be made by the stadium staff if you need them for medical reasons.


Also, be sure to visit the Audi Field Bag Policy guide to see what you can and cannot bring into the stadium.


Can You Smoke Inside the Stadium?

There is no smoking inside the venue on gameday or any event.


Should I take Public Transportation to the Venue?

Fans looking to take public transportation to the venue can use the Navy Yard Metro Station. The walk from the Navy Yard to Audi field is about .6 miles, so it takes about 15 minutes to walk. Taking public transportation is a good idea if fans want to pregame at the bars around Nationals Park as they head over to the game. Fans will need to walk by Nationals Park if they choose to take the train, so it is a good in-between spot for fans to grab drinks and food with friends before the game.


Along with that, fans can bike to the soccer stadium on game day. Taking your bike to and from Audi Field tends to be the fastest way to get in and out of the stadium.


Finally, fans can use a rideshare program like Uber and Lyft to get to and from the stadium. 


How Big is the Capacity at the Venue?

Audi Field seats 20,000 fans.