What is Bowling in Cricket?

What is Bowling in Cricket

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Bowling in cricket is the part of the game in which one player on the fielding team throws the cricket ball at the three stumps defended by the batsman. The stumps are vertical posts that come together to form what is known as the wicket. The bowler aims to get the cricket ball past the batsman and break the wicket.


So, why is it called bowling in cricket? What are the steps to bowl correctly during a cricket game? What are fast, slow, outswing, bouncer, and more types of bowling?


Here is a detailed guide to bowling in cricket.


Why is it Called Bowling in Cricket?

Why is it Called Bowling in Cricket

It is called bowling in cricket because “to bowl” means to deliver a weighted ball. So, basic grammar means performing a bowl, known as “bowling.”


Unlike baseball pitchers, bowlers do not throw the ball. Instead, they must keep a straight arm as their motion toward the batter releases the ball. Initially, bowlers delivered the ball with an underhand motion, but you tend only to see that in garden cricket games.


What are the Steps in Bowling in Cricket?

What are the Steps in Bowling in Cricket

The run-up for the bowler is the first and most step to being a great bowler in cricket. The bowler starts some distance behind the bowling crease. They then use this distance to build up speed before reaching the crease. Next, the bowler enters their stride, stepping first with their foot on their throwing arm side before entering into their mid bound.


Next, the bowler plants their back foot, followed by their front foot. As they step with their front foot, they simultaneously begin their arm motion. The arm must stay almost completely straight during bowling. Finally, the ball is released, and the bowler enters their follow-through.


The bowler’s goal is to deliver the ball toward the wicketkeeper and break the wicket.


What is Fast Bowling in Cricket?

Fast bowling, also known as pace bowling, relies on the speed of the cricket ball to retire batters. Pace bowlers generally have a significant run-up to generate velocity on the cricket ball.


The current record for the fastest bowler in the world belongs to Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan, who recorded a delivery of 161.3 km/h.


What is Spin Bowling in Cricket?


Spin bowling relies on generating movement when the ball bounces to retire the batsman. There are several different methods for generating spin during the bowling action. Wrist spin, top spin, finger spin, off spin, and leg spin are all types of spin used by spin bowlers. Unlike fast bowlers, spin bowlers usually have a medium pace on their ball.


What is a Slower Ball in Cricket?

What is a Slower Ball in Cricket

A slower ball is a type of ball used by fast bowlers. Similar to a changeup in baseball, a slower ball is delivered with significantly less speed than a standard fast bowl. The key to a good slower ball is to keep the bowling action as close as possible to the normal motion. The goal of the slower ball is to deceive the batsman with a significant change in velocity.


What is an Outswinger in Cricket?

An outswinger in cricket refers to a type of spin used by a spin bowler. The outswinger will see the ball break away from the batter. This break means that an outswinger to a right-handed batsman will break toward the left-arm side of the bowler.


What is a Bouncer in Cricket?

What is a Bouncer in Cricket

A bouncer is another type of delivery used during cricket bowling. Usually used by a fast bowler, a bouncer will bounce closer to the bowler’s end of the pitch. This bounce gives the ball more time to gain height and usually reaches the batsman around the head level. It is a strategic move used to place the batter on their heels.


What is an Inswinger in Cricket?

Similar to an outswinger, an inswinger is another type of spin used by spin bowlers. Following the bounces, the ball will break in toward the batsman’s hands. An inswinger to a left-handed batsman will break toward the bowler’s left arm, while the opposite is the case for a righty.


What is a Reverse Swing in Cricket?

What is a Reverse Swing in Cricket

During a cricket match, the ball accumulates wear due to the bounce and hit it receives. A fresh ball will break or ‘swing’ more easily than a worn ball. Bowlers use a reverse swing to keep one half of the ball fresh and let the other side accumulate all the wear and tear. This imbalance on the ball enables them to deliver what is known as a reverse swing. A reverse swing means that a ball delivered like an inswinger will break like an outswinger, and vice-versa.


Generally, on an outswinger, the bowler positions the rough side of the ball on their leg side. However, on a reverse swing, the bowler will position the rough side of the ball on their offside and put the fresher side on their leg side.


This pitch delivery tends to be challenging even for some of the best batters to hit squarely during games.


What is a Yorker?

A yorker is a counterpart to a bouncer. Whereas a bouncer bounces closer to the bowler, a yorker bounces close to the batsman. This bounce causes the cricket ball to stay low near the batsman’s feet. A well-executed yorker is one of the most challenging deliveries for a batter.


What is a Googly (Leg Spinner)

Like a reverse swinger, a googly is a trick type of throw that the bowler uses. Where a typical leg spinner would swing away from a right-handed batsman, a googly will do the opposite and break in towards the right-handed batter.


Conclusion: What is Bowling in Cricket?

Bowling in cricket is when one player on the fielding team throws the cricket ball at the three stumps defended by the batsman. The goal of the bowler is to break the wicket and cause an umpire to announce the batsman as retired. The bowler wants to prevent the batting team from reaching their limited over number during an inning. Each team must field and bowl during an inning.


There are two primary forms of cricket bowling: fast and spin. Fast bowlers rely on their run-up to generate speed and velocity and use slower balls, bouncers, and yorkers to keep the batsman off balance.


Meanwhile, spin bowlers have several types of spin that they can use to confuse the batter during a game. They can throw inswingers or outswingers. They also have the opportunity to mix up these spins with techniques such as reverse swingers or googlies. Spin bowlers generally deliver the ball at a medium pace.


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