Petco Park Food


petco park food

Best Food at Petco Park

Petco Park is the ballpark home to the MLB San Diego Padres team out in San Diego, California. The stadium is one of the best in the game due to its modern design, warm weather, and excellent ballpark food selection. Not only that, but the San Diego Padres are one of the more popular teams in the game today, so there is a lot of energy when going to the venue.


Below are some of the best food to get when going to a baseball game at Petco Park!


Classic Petco Park Food Options

classic petco park food options

  • Hodad: Classic Bacon Cheeseburger, hot dogs, fries, soda, and more
  • Pizza Port: Serving signature pizza, craft beer, cracker jacks, and more
  • Friar Frank at Budweiser Ballpark Eats: Offering hot dogs, sausages, and more
  • Paradise Bowls: Fresh fruit and acai bowls
  • Craft Beers of San Diego: Fans looking to try a wide-selection of craft beers can head over to section 107


New Foods to Try at a Padres Game

New Foods to Try at a Padres Game

  • Seaside Tri-Tip: BBQ Tri-Tip sandwiches and Tri-Tip Nachos
  • Seaside Market: Mimicking the Cardiff Counterpart serving up Tri TIp Sandwiches, Smoothies, Salads, Pasta, and More
  • Phil’s BBQ: El Toro, BBQ Broham Sandwiches, and Triple Threat Pork BBQ Pork Sandwiches. You can find Phil’s BBQ at the rooftop of the Western Metal Supply Co. Building in Leftfield
  • Swingin’ Friar Ale: Serving up craft beer
  • Lucha Libre: California Burritos, Fish Tacos, and more
  • Bumblebee Seafood Cart: Tuna melts and more out in section 119
  • Gaglione Brothers: Serving up cheesesteaks with cheese whiz and traditional cheese
  • Cutwater Spirits Rum Bar: Out in the Toyota Terrace at the venue, you will find mixed drinks
  • Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill: Broham sandwiches and fries
  • Carnitas’ Snack Shack: signature pork-centric dishes and Triple Threat Sand which
  • Brigantine Seafood & Oyster Bar: Clam chowder, poke, and sashimi out in section 204
  • San Diego’s Finest Hot Chicken: Serving up hot and spicy chicken sandwiches out in section 316


Classic Dessert Choices

Classic Dessert Choices at Petco Park

  • Yogurtland: Serving up yogurt, gelato, and more out in section 105
  • Baked Bear: Custom ice cream sandwiches out in section 124
  • Mr Softee: Serving up soft serve ice cream in a San Diego Padres helmet out in section 215


Can You Bring Outside Food into Petco Park?

Fans can bring outside food into Petco Park on game day. However, the food must be for individual consumption. Here is the complete guide on what else you can bring into the stadium on game day.


Check out the Petco Park Bag Policy to see what you can and can’t bring into the stadium.


Can You Smoke Inside the Facility?

Smoking is not allowed inside Petco Park.


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Popular Matches Against the San Diego Padres

Popular Matches Against the San Diego Padres

As of late, the San Diego Padres are one of the more exciting teams in Major League Baseball. With their talent on the field, fans show up each game to see them play. The big matches against the San Diego Padres include the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Franciso Giants, Chicago Cubs, and the St. Louis Cardinals.


Fans looking for inexpensive tickets to watch the Padres play at Petco Park should consider going on a weekday. Weekday games tend to be less expensive than weekend games. To save even more money on tickets, consider seeing the Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, Washington Nationals, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Pittsburgh Pirates when they visit the town.


How Many World Series Championships Have the San Diego Padres Won?

How Many World Series Championships Have the San Diego Padres Won

The San Diego Padres have never won a World Series title as a franchise. The last time they were in the World Series was in 1998, when they lost to the New York Yankees. Before that, the San Diego Padres were in the World Series in 1984 against the Detroit Tigers.


What is the Average Seating Attendance at Petco Park?

What is the Average Seating Attendance at Petco Park

The 2021 baseball season limited the number of fans who could attend games. With that said, the San Diego Padres were the third most popular team to see, with an average home attendance of 27k fans per game. In addition to that, the San Diego Padres were able to draw over 2 million fans to their ballpark that season.


Petco Park has a seating capacity of 42,445.


Conclusion: Petco Park Food

In conclusion, Petco Park has some of the best food in MLB. San Diegans are especially partial to the Mexican cuisine at the venue, but there are plenty of other options to enjoy. Also, you will have a beautiful view of downtown San Diego behind home plate, so check that out!


In addition to having great ballpark food and a great view of the city, the San Diego Padres are one of the more exciting teams in baseball. In 2021, they had the third-highest number of fans who went to the ballpark to see them play. Due to their popularity, fans should consider buying their tickets ahead of time to make sure they can see the Padres play, especially when the Los Angeles Dodgers or San Franciso Giants visit.


Finally, check out the Petco Park parking tips before driving to the venue. Checking out that link can show you where you can save money on parking spots near the venue! Plus, you can secure your parking space using that link before getting to the ballpark.