Moda Center Food

Moda Center Food

Best Food at Moda Center

Moda Center (originally Rose Garden) is home to the Portland Trailblazers NBA team. The venue opened in 1995 at 1 N Center Ct St, Portland, Oregon 97227 at the Rose Quarter. Also, the NBA venue is about two miles from Providence Park, which is where the Portland Timbers play soccer.


Outside of hosting basketball games, the venue also hosts rodeos, concerts, performances, event shows, and more.


Here is the complete guide to Moda Center Food.


Classic Moda Center Food

Classic Moda Center Food

  • Cha Cha Cha: Serving up delicious burrito bowls, burritos, and more out in section 105
  • Sizzle Pie: Serving up individual slices of pizza for fans to enjoy in sections 113 and 122
  • Red Hot & Rollin: Serving up pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, and more out in sections 104, 107, 116, 118, and 327
  • Lemonade Cart: Serving up fresh lemonade out in sections 113
  • Coors Light Bar: Beers on draft out in sections 106 and 318
  • Corona Beach House: Chips, salsa, margaritas, and more out in section 114
  • Crafter’s: Signature burgers, veggie burgers, fries, chicken strips, water, soda, beer, and more out in sections 102, 111, and 303
  • Hop Valley Cart: Serving up Hop Valley beer in section 118
  • Hen Pen: Fries, chicken, fried chicken, wings, soda, beer, water, and more out in section 119
  • Plum Tasty: Organic bowls, salads, wraps, snacks, and more out in section 106


New Food at Moda Center

New Food at Moda Center

  • Adelsheim Wine Bar: Serving up a charcuterie plate out in section 110
  • BSB Lounge: Bourbon, wine, liquor, beer, and more out in section 116
  • Bap n’ Noodle: Fans looking for Korean chicken, rice bowls, noodles, and more can head to sections 102 and 103
  • Killer Burger: Serving up signature burgers, fries, water, beer, and more out in sections 105 and 115
  • Daddy D’s BBQ Cart: BBQ sandwiches, nachos, and more out in sections 109 and 333
  • Kama’aina: Hawaiian poke bowls, fish and hips, and more Hawaiin food for fans to enjoy out in section 108
  • White Claw Cart: Fans looking for a plethora of spiked seltzer options can head to section 108
  • Widmer Bar: Serving up local craft beers out in section 110


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Dippin Dots: Snow cones, snacks, candy, and more out in the concession stand sections 113, 122, and 334
  • Salt & Straw: Serving up ice cream in a wide range of flavors out in sections 119 and 305
  • Popcorn Cart: A wide range of popcorn flavors, including chocolate, cheddar, regular, and caramel, out in section 113
  • Ruby Jewel: Serving up individual ice cream sandwiches in many flavors out in sections 116, 205, and 313


Can You Bring Outside Food into the Venue?

Fans can’t bring any outside food or drinks into the basketball arena. However, some local bars, breweries, and restaurants are nearby for fans to visit before and after a game. Some nearby places to visit are Dr. Jack’s at the Rose Quarter, Upright Brewing, and Burgerville.


Also, fans should check out the Moda Center parking page to see how to save money on gameday parking!

Finally, if you are also going to a Timbers game, be sure to visit the Providence Park parking page for a soccer game.


Can You Smoke Inside the Venue?

Fans can’t smoke inside Moda Center for any game or event.


Also, be sure to visit the Moda Center Bag Policy Guide to see what bags you can bring into the stadium.


Popular Matches Against the Portland Trail Blazers

Popular Matches Against the Portland Trail Blazers

Catching the Trail Blazers when they are home is always a fun time. However, specific matches during the regular season draw more fan interest than other Blazers games. Those big matches are when the Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, and Dallas Mavericks visit.


Finally, if the Trail Blazers make the playoffs, you can expect those games at home to have lots of energy and passion.


What is the Seating Capacity at the Venue?

The seating capacity at the basketball venue is 19,980. Other sports game seating capacity is roughly around a basketball seating size. Finally, concerts and other events can have more fan capacity than a basketball game.